Thursday, November 1, 2007

Glitter Girls

~~~Here is my piece for the Crafters Challenge put on by Beachy's cape Cod Cupboard!
This is the before....
Here is the after...
I took a blank paged art journal and glued an assortment of card board, fabric paper and patterned paper on it. I cut out the distracting back ground and added simple crowns. Vintage ribbon and lace trim were added plus a paper rose for each girl. The roses were dusted with silver glitter, better to be seen in person. I usually add a ton of fibers and ribbon to the spiral but since it was so thin, I was afraid it would not funtion.
One of the things that drew me to this photo is that the girl 2nd to the left in the back looks alot like my Great Aunt Sister Regina Marie!
Here are some other inspiring pieces of the same challenge!
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