Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scary, but True!

If you post family photo's online, please read this!

Claudine Hellmuths current blog post summarizes what I've recently suspected!

The other day I typed in (Faerie Dust Dreams) in yahoo search.
I was pleased to see that all 9 pages were about my shop or in reference to it! But I did find a strange site.
~It was like a search engine all their own, when you typed in search words, it came up with articles re: what you typed plus pictures to match the topic. 4 of my personal art pieces that I post on my flickr account were shown there with no reference to me. I also saw what looked like family photo's. and some of children.The web site had no contact info to reached at.

This is scary and true! We have a copyright on Dyllan's personal website but what's to stop some company from taking our images from blogs, flickr and so on!?

Please go here to read how it may also affect you, and what you can do to protect your self!
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