Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Happenings

First of all I wanted to congratulate Carrie for winning my Halloween Charm RAK from the post below! Be sure to stop by and see her creative blog!
Next...I'm sharing with you what I love about Halloween at Disneyland....

Carved and decorated pumpkins!

Dyllan and I were taking a break and coloring to our hearts content when who should join the fun?


Here's Dyllan with Woody & Jessie!

The complete highlight of the day besides no waits for the good rides, was seeing none other than World Champion Magician, Johnny Ace Palmer!
He's appearing for a short time at D-land till early November. But we've seen him at the Magic Castle and at Brian's work Christmas parties. He's the BEST close up magician around and I was giddy with delight after he preformed a few tricks for us!

My Mom, was in last weekend and I made a really great meal. Homemade chicken soup, sauteed spinach, mashed potatoes, bread and pie. Yum!

So I give Dyllan a paper plate and tell him to make himself a mask. He prided himself that he "tricked" me in making a mask for his "puppy"!
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