Monday, April 16, 2018

Garden Journal Book

No matter the size, big or small...everyone loves to plant in the garden! 
There is just something so  rewarding to see what you planted, come to life! 
I created this garden journal to help me remember what and when I planted, as well as illustration my garden as it comes to life..

You will need:
Joy Embroidered Iron-On Letter Sheet- in Aqua or White (if you want to color your own).
Tacky Glue
Notebook with pages and pockets
Floral Washi tape

 The front of the notebook had a embossed floral design to which I accented with watercolors.
I then adhered the embroidered letters in place with glue.

The washi tape makes for some pretty page tabs as well as decorative accents.

Joy® Iron-on, embroidered letters are available in a variety of sizes, colors and fonts at your local craft stores.

See more Joy Embroidered projects here!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Blank Page Muse April Challenge- Blue Fairy Card

Hi Everyone!
     This months group challenge on the Blank Page Muse blog is "Black and White. + One Color".
My interpretation of the theme is this Blue Fairy card. Enjoy!

  1. Corset Wire Dress Form Stamp
  2. Small Butterfly Stamp
  3. Dandelion Burst Background Stamp
  4. Black ink pad
  5. Turquoise ink pad and marker
  6. Turquoise crepe paper
  7. Black and white cardstock
  8. Double stick tape, adhesive and foam tape.

Cut your card to size and ink the edges with the turquoise ink.
Stamp the inner white card with the Dandelion stamp and adhere to the a piece of black cardstock.
Mat this onto your inked card front.

Stamp the dress form with black ink twice onto white cardstock. Trim just the corset from one of the stamped images, keeping the other one whole.
Stamp the butterfly with the turquoise ink twice. Cut them out and then in half.
Ready a 2 ½ " x 6" piece of crepe paper for later.

Adhere one set of the butterfly wings to the back of the dress form before adhere to the card.
Place pieces of tape at the lower part of the corset and add the crepe paper, pleating it as you press it into the tape. Cut off any extra crepe paper.

Glue the remaining butterfly wings to the dress form, directly over the existing wings. 
Add small pieces of foam tape to the dress form as shown. Place the corset on top and color in with the marker. 

Thanks for coming by to see my card! I hope you like it! 
Please visit the blog here, to see what the other designers created with this theme. 
You can even add your own creation for a chance to win a gift card to the shop!

Monday, April 9, 2018

How to make Roses with Foiled Paper

My newest project made with Rinea Foiled Papers is making Roses! You can use them on cards, packages, party decor and more! See the tutorial here!  

Friday, March 30, 2018

Birds Nest Pendant Jewelry Sale!

Get ready for spring with a one-of-a-kind birds nest pendant!
Each one is carefully wire wrapped and filled with beautiful vintage glass beads.

Visit my shop here!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Nopales Cactus Card

Here's a cactus card I made with Rinea foil!
Supplies needed:
  1. Emerald/ Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
  2. Violet/ Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
  3. Fushia/ Fushia Starstruck Foiled Paper
  4. Large gold glitter
  5. Pencil and scissors
  6. Quick drying adhesive
  7. Blank card
Cut a 1" strip of the emerald foiled paper and fold 7 times. Trace and cut out the cactus pad shape. Cut a 1/2" strip of the fushia and fold into small squares. Trace and cut into 10 small hearts. 
Cut the hearts in half. These become the fruit of the cactus.
Glue the pads in place and tuck the fruit in place with some glue.
Embellish the cactus with the large glitter and finish with a pot at the bottom.
You can purchase your foil here! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Rainbow Mail Bag

 One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to send and receive pen pal letters. I enjoyed hearing about life in different cities or foreign countries. Some of us have grown apart while others are still close, now relying on the digital age to communicate. I missed the anticipation of seeing if there was a letter in the mailbox and discovering what sort of goodies or gossip were waiting for me.

Then I found a pen pal group on Facebook!  It's fun hear about new friends while keeping alive snail mail- art!
But keeping the letters separate from the bills, advertisements and magazines was proving difficult so So I created this wonderful mail bag!

Supplies used:

  1. Dyeable Joy® Letters
  2. A 3 pocket card organizer
  3. Assorted embellishments and trim
  4. Colored marker
  5. Adhesive or iron

  6. See the full tutorial on the Joy blog!

    Saturday, March 10, 2018

    Blank Page Muse- March Challenge - ATC's!

     Hi Everyone,
    This months challenge for the Blank Page Muse blog is ATC's!
    For those of you that don't know what these are...they are miniatures works of art.
    A mere 2.5" x 3.5". They are to be traded just like Baseball or Pokemon cards!
    So fun!

    For my ATC's I used the following supplies:

    1. Medallion Rubber Stamps-
    2. Petals Rubber Stamps
    3. Artist Trading Card Stamps
    4. Art journal paper
    5. Watercolors
    6. Pigment black ink pad
    7. Zig glue pen
    8. Assorted colors Deco foil
    9. Scissors

    • Whenever I watercolor in my art journal, I always brush the excess paint onto a spare page because I don't like wasting any color. If you don't have a page like this, then just paint randomly colors that make you happy.

     When your watercolor is dry, then begin stamping in no particular pattern. The more random the better!

     After you are done stamping, add some color detail with the watercolors. Have fun, go crazy!

    Wait for the paint to completely dry before this next step.
    The zig glue pen will go on blue and dry to a 'tacky' clear. Since I was using different color of the deco foil, I only did a little of glue detail at a time per color.

     Place the foil onto the glue as shown and rub with your finger over the tacky glue. Then peel back the foil to reveal the color!

    Repeat with the glue and each color foil until you are happy with the results.

     Flip paper over and paint some more random colors, let dry before stamping the ATC stamp.
    Color in some of the ATC's with paint before cutting out.

     Cool right?
    Don't you just LOVE those colors?

    Visit the Blank Page Muse blog for more ATC inspiration!
    Enter there your own ATC creations for a chance to win a Blank Page Muse gift card!

    Thursday, March 8, 2018

    Foiled Paper Desert Scene

    Hi Michelle here to show you how you can make a tranquil desert scene with foiled papers!
    Supplies used:
    1. Blush/Glossy Gold Foiled Paper
    2. Emerald/Emerald Starstruck Foiled Paper
    3. Gold/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
    4. Fushia/Fushia Starstruck Foiled Paper
    5. Marigold/ Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
    6. Jade/Jade StarStruck Foiled Paper
    7. Copper/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
    8. 12x12 Chipboard
    9. Tracing paper
    10. Pencil and scissors
    11. Watercolors
    12. Coarse sand paper
    13. Quick drying adhesive
    Start by drawing a desert scene onto your chipboard. Make sure to a have a focal point- your cactus and a background such as the hills and mountains.
    Trace the cactus onto the tracing paper and cut out.
    Paint your background with the watercolors.
    Fold a strip of the Fushia Starstruck into 3 squares. Use the pencil to freehand draw a simple heart. Cut through all 3 layers. Do this again, but slightly smaller for other blooms.Glue your hearts in place as shown.
    Use your tracing as a template for the main cactus. Trace the entire cactus onto the Emerald Starstruck as a whole, then just the torso 2-3 times and cut out. Fold torso pieces in half length wise.
    Distress the foiled paper with the sandpaper, starting in the center and out at a angle.
    Glue the folded pieces to each other, then to the main shape of the cactus.
    Crumple your Marigold, Blush, Gold and Copper foiled papers.
    Cut them into strips, then small triangles and squares. These are your desert rocks. Glue in place around the cactus and down the hills.
    For the spines, Cut a strip of gold foiled paper and fold it in half. Then cut up little strips.
    Dot the cactus with glue and leave to set up a bit, then attach the spines.
    Add more desert stones, scatter some and feel free to mix up the colors.
    Add more Fushia hearts if you want your flowers fuller. 
    Sit back and enjoy your beautiful desert scene!

    See more Rinea Foiled Paper inspiration here!

    Wednesday, February 28, 2018

    Fresh Cut Flowers Welcome Sign

     With the warm weather we've been having in Southern California, I'm anticipating a early spring! I wanted to be ready so I created this sign for our front door because nothing says "Welcome", like fresh cut flower's, right?

    To make a sign like this, you will need the following supplies:

    1. Dye-able JOY letters in your favorite font and size.
    2. A wooden sign to hang.
    3. A colored permanent marker to match your door hue.
    4. Green vine trim- enough to wrap twice.
    5. A empty plastic tube- I used the container from a epi-pen.
    6. Flowers, fresh cut or fake.
    7. Colored ribbon.
    8. A pencil
    9. A hot glue gun
    10. *Optional- extra embellishments- beads, buttons, rhinestones....

    1. Color in your letters with your marker.
    2. Sketch a light circle with your pencil onto the sign.
    3. In sections, draw a bead of hot glue and adhere the vine trim. Overlap the glue and trim a second time.
    4. Hot glue the letters in place.
    5. Cut off the top of the tube if it has a cap. Tie the ribbon in place and adhere the tube to the sign.
    6. Add extra embellishments if desired.
    7. Hang your sign on your front door or anywhere else in your home.
    8. Place your flowers in the tube, don't forget to add water for fresh flowers!


    Joy® iron-on embroidered letters are available in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors in the general crafts area at your local craft store.

    Visit the Joy Blog for more creative idea's!


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