Thursday, August 9, 2007


Today I got the official 'ok' from the husband to work all day on cleaning and organizing our studio.
(AKA~ office)

I'm so jazzed!

I'll pop a movie in the portable DVD player and plug away.

I have 5 craft deadlines this month plus 2 to re-do cause the lovely U.S. Postal service lost my packages and my art friends never got their treasures.

I'm really excited to list some new things on my etsy shop!

I'll have note cards, crowns and jewelry fashioned off the items that placed at the fair, and lots and lots of Halloween goodies! I've been working for 2 months now on those Halloween stuff!

So what shall Watch first? Hmmmm...

Victor Victoria?, Walk the Line? or Coal Miners Daughter?

When it comes to working in the studio, I like to watch musicals
or watch scary movies.

I think I'll start with Coal Miners Daughter!

I Believe today will be a good day!


stefany said...

Cool jewelery! love your blog! said...

ARen't those the best days? I love an uninterrupted studio day!
Thanks for visiting, you are entered in my drawing!


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