Sunday, August 19, 2007

You might like this...

I've noticed that it has been a slow weekend in "Blog Land" for everyone including my self! I'm having a crop at my house today then off to swim at the in-laws later, so I should have something to show off!

I wanted to share some things that I thought you might like.

I swear, I will never again try the un-accurate map quest again! I needed directions to Joe's Crabshack in Garden Grove and my friend suggested trying Google. When you type in your from addy, it automatically gives you directions from a toll road. But if you go to the map and click on the blue line showing your destination, you can "drag" it to the nearest freeway and it automaticaly re-writes the "driving" directions!


I just love how easily it cleans everything! I use it in the wash, to clean the kitchen, it does wonders in the microwave and even gets my teeth whiter! All for pennies.

3. Baby Powder.

The site does not offer tips but I can have one that you'll swear by! I keep a bottle of baby powder in the car for when we go to the beach. Before you have lunch, dust everyone's hands with the powder, rub and the sand comes right off. No salty stickyness.

I now have a ritual when I'm leaving the beach with Dyllan. I get everything in the car. Put a towel on the pavement and strip him of all his swim wear. I then put baby powder all over his body and the sand comes right off! Even in his private area's. And the baby powder leaves him fresh and soft as a newborn!

That's all, I hope everyone has a safe, cool and creative weekend!

1 comment:

KARA said...

baby poweder is amazing but never thought of that, magical thanks.
I love baking soda but hard to come by in the UK, can i ask how you use it to clean do you mix with water ?
google maps are a nightmare, if you ask to travel from the USA to the UK it tells you to swim across the ocean


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