Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Here she is...

Here she is!
My completed doll that I made for the "Gothika" project, organized by the ever talanted, Adriane.

I love how her face turned out! I used a coveted glaze pen that I got in a class I took months ago.
Can't find one any where else!

I wanted to show off her boots and heels.


Rosemary said...

Wow Michelle,
She is really great!! I don't know what a glaze pen is, but I want one.
Very cool!

katydiddy said...

It's even better in person! Great job Michelle.

Rosemary said...

Hi again Michelle,
I am suppose to let you know that I tagged you for the middle name game. Check out my blog for details.
If you have already been tagged, I apologize.

Simply Me Art said...

Hi Michelle, Nice to meet you, I love your Blog. The Doll is Great. Your Etsy has Great Goodies too. I am a Crown Nut. Nice to meet another so. Calif.Jamie

Angelina said...

OMG!! This is just beautiful! I followed the link from your post at my blog... She is so beautiful! I also loved the tiara that's is in your header! Great, Great blog!!

the feathered nest said...

That's a gorgeous tiara in your banner! Your "Gothika" project doll is very cool. I love her outfit - those crystals hanging off her dress are so fun.

Checked out your Etsy shop and love those flocked glittered eggs in the nest! Great stuff!


jthom03 / Jan Thomason / thomranch@hctc.net said...

I love your doll!
It's gothic but not so much - it's great!

Lori Z. said...

Oh, my gosh! She's fantastic. Soooo GOTH.



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