Wednesday, October 10, 2007

5 sites to make you go, Hmmmm...

~This post marks the big "90" for me! That means I have 10 post to go for my 100th post celebration! How very exciting!
Not much to say today, Aunt Flo is visiting and I'm moody.
So I thought I'd share 5 hot sites.
1. Tally Scrapper
They carry a amazing line of scrapbook/altered-art goodies! I got a box of some of their yummy's from my Fiskateer Secret Sister. I'm happy that they carry all my favorite stuff!
2. Sock Dreams
They have best selection of leggings, tights and even socks for your hubby!
3. Baby Bintz
This is more of a blog about a gal making baby products. But I love how she sets up shop for boutiques and gives me a lot of idea's since I'll be doing a boutique in November!
4. Spoon fed Art
When you think spoon art, you think of those wrap around bracelets. This site should get a few 'oohs and aahhs' out of you plus, give you some fresh idea's!
As for #5, Please don't visit this site if you are faint of heart and "Chucky" movies give you nightmares!
5. Krypt Kiddies
Some of these dolls do give me chills but I think the rest are just great! I love how artistically they are created. I for one would not like to own one, but enjoy checking them out once in a while.
~Kinda like, I like watching sharks in a tank, but I would never swim with them!


laura said...

Web site looks great. I have one of those "mac" things and I had no trouble finding my way around. I also had nice stroll through your shop. You are really creative.

Rosemary said...

Wow Michelle,
Those are some great sites. The doll one is a little creepy, but cool,especially this time of year.
Thanks for the info.

Carlie said...

Thanks for featuring me on your site! (babybintz) And cute blog! I'm glad I can give you some ideas and good luck on your show in Nov!

kawaii crafter said...

Hi Michelle,

took a quick look at "sock dreams" and loved it. I'm always in search of cute socks. thanks for sharing

Natasha Burns said...

Thanks for the links! The spoon jewellery is gorgeous! Yes, the last dolls freaked me out a bit!

wyanne thompson said...

Thanks for posting these sites. The spoon art was really an eye opener. I also love your saying...when in doubt use glitter....that's me to a T. Many blessings!

Lori said...

i'm on post #90 too!!! thanks for the great links!!! love tally scrapper!!!


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