Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just what I don't need...

~ But I'm going to indulge anyways and share the "love" with the rest of you!

It all started with a e-mail letting me know of a great new site. And in finding this new "site" I browsed around and found a dreadfully amazing,great place to find juicy blogs!

Here you will find a site called Delightful Blogs. A little different from Blog catalog, they charge to be listed, but they do only choose the best! With so many FREE ways to promote my site, I'm just not ready to pay money, ...yet.

Enough of that hoo hah, here are some blogs I've found through them that just make it all worth while.

1. Feathered Nest if the beautiful banner does not draw you in, then her lovely and easy crafts will!

2. Adorn Mag her currentpost reminds me of my life long dream to create window displays for big name dept. stores . Ever since I saw "Mannequin" I knew I wanted to do this and I actually had a job decorating windows of a gourmet store during the holidays (hence my love of fine cheeses and only the best procuitto) I'm not too old am I? I'm 33,34..I was born in 1973~ you do the math. Maybe I'll get discovered in one of my post...

3. Not a blog but worth looking at if you like button wreath's!


4. Really cute kid crafts at Crafty Daisies!

5.At Every Little Thing, you'll find the cutest hand made strawberry pin cushions!

6.If you are looking for new ways to teach classes or just want some new 'eye candy', check out

Gabriel's Blog.

..Ok just 4 more and then I'm done for the night. I was gonna do some glittering but I'm getting kinda tired...

7.Ink A Stamp is where you want to go if you like to stamp, (like I do), and sometimes you need alittle extra inspiration, (like me) ;)

8. Oh Wow. Did I say Wow?, Let me say it again. Wow. Just go here, you'll see what I mean.

9. Fun paper crafts at Paper muse, including a totally do-able ornament.

And lastly, something to make you laugh, at least it made me laugh!

~ Like it? I got it here .

Stretchy, stretch Yawwwwn... gotta go.


Lori said...

what are you trying to do to me...if i read any more blogs i will have to have my computer permanently attached to my body so i can take it everywhere:) you did find some goodies!!!

RedBessBonney said...

Can't wait to find the time to check these out! :)

Lee W. said...

love that card! love your blog too!! Dawn over at Feathered Nest will be happy!

katydiddy said...

That card is hysterical!

vivian said...

Hi Michelle!
just stopping by, I wanted to see how you and your partner did with the snowman swap. I didnt hear from either of you, which is most likely a good sign that there werent any problems! but I wanted to see what you each made!
let me know how you made out!
happy holidays!!


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