October Winners!

I almost forgot to post October's winners!

The winner of this Haunted Mansion collectable is Scrappy Mom!

and because I was feeling generous and had such a big response to my post...

I drew 13 more names.

The following people won a set of my spooky tickets which you can see here!

trash talk, imperfectly beautiful, fantastic figments, crafty hala, whim & fancy designs, elizabeth, jeanne, melissa, julie o., bejewled, nana beth, afiori

Congrat's to everyone!


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Woohoo! My very first win! Thanks for feeling generous and drawing more names. Those tickets are too cute. I'm already thinking of ways to use them next Halloween! I'll e-mail you my info.

Thanks again ~ Amanda

Vie Chaotique said...

Hi I saw the post you left on Jenny Doh's blog. I am very interested in the Marie Antoinette challenge as I sent in a piece. (actually the first piece I have ever made.) Do you mind letting me know if she anwsers you? I haven't heard anything further either.

Artifax said...

Wheee!! So excited to be a winner!

Already thought of several ways to use those cute tickets. :)


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