Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

~ I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

We are braving a day/night at Disneyland with some friends! Going to be busy, cold and fun!
And then we are taking down the tree and Christmas decorations on the 1st.
But for you, my dear readers....
I'm having a RAK in honor of the New Year.
It's a new wire wrapped treasure for my shop~ soon to be listed and utterly adorable!
I will give one away.
All you have to do is post 5 of your News Years resolutions here.
I'll draw a winner on Sunday the 4th.
Make sure you have a valid blog or leave me a way to contact you in case you win!
Here are my resolutions...
1. Keep my Studio organized and useful
2. Try to be a better housewife, (cleaning is not my fortay)
3. Keep my etsy shop current
4. Give more time to my self
5. Visit with family more often.
~ See you next year!


marla said...

1. make time to craft. 2. send more cards out. 3. take time for friends and family. 4. exercise more. marla#3291 (fellow fiskateer)

Anonymous said...

1. Focus heavily on my health.
2. Be of greater service to others.
3. Get my ministry "Momas" going.
4. Doing some indepth Bible study.
5. Get super organized in general.

Christy said...

1- Finish what I start.
2- Spend less time at work.
3- Start exercising.
4- Use what I buy.
5- Cook more.
Christy #4491

Anonymous said...

1. Get back to walking (my dog really misses it)
2. Spend more time with family and friends.
3. Stay more organized.
4. Spend more time crafting and doing things for me and my mental health.
5. Keep house better.
Roseann #2933

Sherry Goodloe said...

1. STAY organized (once I finish the process of GETTING organized!)
2. Move to a new home
3. Save more money (Heck, just SAVE some *(#)_@+ money!)
4. Love more
5. Take a vacation with my teenage son. Oh who am I kidding?! Let's try having more sit down meals with my teenage son, sans the text messaging on cell phone while he eats!

GinnyPrince said...

1. keep in touch w/ family and friends far away

2. continue to learn the art of quilting

3. spend more quality time w/ my loved ones

4. try to be a better housekeeper

5. try something new each month

sandyh50 said...

1. give away at least 5 of my cards I stamp each month 2. follow my weight watcher plan 3. exercise at least 3 times aweek 4. keep my house clean 5. organize my pictures for scrapbooking

Sandy #4165

sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

afiori said...

I don't have five resolutions but I will say
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ visit me at

Anonymous said...

1.) lose 20 extra pounds I gained while pregnant 2.) Become more healthy 3.) Find my bedroom and focus on organizing my personal space 4.) volunteer with in my community 5.) work on my independence
~Brianna # 5378

katydiddy said...

Happy New Year Michelle! I have a bunch of resolutions, but the one that holds them together is to find more balance in my life-to take care of myself. If I don't do that, none of the others will happen.

Anonymous said...

1. make the bed everyday 2. exercise more regularly 3. put stuff away as soon as I am done with it 4. call friends/family more often 5. organize, organize, organize! - Brenda #3635

Bronwyn Theresa Bell said...

Oh Gosh mine are so much longer t everyones elses! I put them on my blog last night..

1. Clean my debts and be finically stable again
2. No fighting with my estranged partner.
3. To be a stronger person and walk away from any dramas I dont need.
4. To be a better peer support person on SIA and being SIF.
5. Do well in my studies at Uni and pass all my papers this year.

To name a few!

Ms. Jackie said...

Lets see:
1. scrap more for myself, and for my family, than for others.
2. plan things better
3. get my taxes done early
4. get some bills paid off
5. exercise more, and return to my better eating habit. I have been really bad during Christmas time.
6. enjoy life more.
oh sorry you said 5 didn't you well, I like even numbers. heehee
Ms. Jackie #3017

Mardi said...

1. Organize
2. Organize
3. Organize
4. Organize
5. Organize
Sorry, I know they are all the same, but can you guess what I need to do in my life?

KateB said...

1. participate FULLY in the 365 Day Photo Challenge
2. To see my dermatologist more
3. Have a colonoscopy
4. Be published (scrapbook mags)
5. Start exercising

KateB F #4529

Shannon said...

1) make my own cards next year 2) Organize my space better 3) Lose those last 30 lbs...4) Do more fun things with my chidren 5) work more on Spiritual goals.

Anonymous said...

1. make all my 2009 Christmas cards
2. make all my 2009 Christmas gifts
3. organize my craft space & purge and organize my clothes closet
4. lose weight, at least 10 pounds
5. teach a card class at least every two months....
Tadah #1492 Fiskateer

lisa said...

1. eat healthier
2. walk more
3. build my artistic skills
4. try to be more zen
5. do lots of RAKs!

Just g said...

I tried to make realistic resolutions this year. Instead of I will lose 10 pounds, I will try to listen to my body and stop eating when I am full. Eat more broccolli and cauliflower. Get back on track using my Wii Fit, Clean out my office. Actually take something to the consignment store instead of just making a list of what I could take and spend more time with my mom.


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