December 29, 2010

Dear Friends

I am not sure if some of you know that your email is marked private in your blogger profile. This means when you comment on a post, I cannot respond. A few people who read my blog and comment on posts, have their email marked private and do not have a blog, so I am never able to respond to them. – such a sad situation.

I really love responding to comments. I love having conversations with my readers and getting to know you all. Sometimes we become great pen pals, swap pals or even meet in person! All from a simple comment left on my blog!

Lately, I've noticed that many of you have set your e-mail to private. Which drives me insane and makes me really sad because I can't respond to your lovely comments or any questions you might have! Who knows how many responses I actually sent out to a address without even realizing it?

So, If you would like instant reply's from me, please go to your Dashboard, click “edit profile” and then check off “show my email address”. This will allow people to respond to your comments through email. - Also comes in handy when someone wants to "contact" you to let you know you've WON a blog prize! :)

Thank You~ Michelle Cummings :)


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