How to Make a Mummified Body for Halloween

Every year for Halloween, I always change my outside decoration, just a bit. I have been wanting to make one of these for sometime, having been inspired by similar 'bodies' on pintrest and such.
I knew it needed to be lightweight and cheap. Intrigued?

Here's what you'll need to make one for your self:
  • Empty plastic containers. 
  • Newspapers. 
  • A wire hanger.
  • Grocery bag.
  • White garbage bags
  • Scissors
  • Tape, clear and white duct tape.
  • Silver floral wire
  • Spider webbing and spooky spiders.
1. Arrange your containers ( I used a combination of 2 ltr soda bottles, a water jug, a white vinegar jug and a crushed juice container for the feet.)-  in a general body shape, lightly tape them together so not to roll out of place.
2. Fill a grocery bag with crumpled up newspaper to make a head shape.
3. Bend your wire hanger to make the upper arms. Fill that part of the body with crumpled newspaper. Use the tape to hold all in place and attach the head.
4. Tape your body together from head to toe. Then carefully flip over and tape again. If desired, cover any labels with the white tape.
5. Cut up your white trash bags and cover your body, using the clear tape this time.
6. Open up and expand your spider webbing. Roll the body in the web, securing to the body with clear tape, here and there.
7. Save some web to  make a thin rope, by not opening it up you'll have enough to bind the neck and the ankles.

I hung my body on the side of my house from wire. I attached the wire from my gate, along the wall  to a hook that was holding lights around my garage. From that same wire I was able to secure my giant spider.  Then I added more webbing and extra spiders.
On Halloween I'll shine a orange and green projection light onto this for a extra spooky effect!

Thanks for coming by, Happy Halloween!

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