Saturday, February 18, 2012

CHA re-cap 6 of 10

So here is another smattering of photos from CHA! Only 4 more posting to go...the last being the custom craft apron giveaway! You can see details on how to win here.
Now about these photos....
The boy and girl prom outfits were made entirely of Duct Tape! You should totally check out last years creations here and enter for your chance to win great products this March!
The gelato was free and served in the cutest little cups. I have a dairy intolerance so I had to settle for the decadent chocolate cake while my friend had the coconut. :)
I love the altered bottles and see that purple dress? Made entirely of the ribbing of paper plates and then painted purple. Don't you also just love the matching Mosaic purple shoes?
~ Don't forget to leave a comment and I'll see you again with CHA re-cap #7!
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