Mexican Folk Art - Shrine Swaps

Every year, around November,

 I host a 

Mexican Folk Art - Shrine Swap.

The premise:
Use small 32 ct. matchboxes as the start of your shrine. 
(you can find these in packs of 10 at Walmart for less than $6)

The theme of this swap is "Mexican Folk Art"
This can be Day of the Dead, Frida, Our Lady of Guadalupe, floral, Milagros or other Mexican art!
Use any medium as long as it is durable and artfully made. 

As shown below, each shrine must not exceed 2 ½" x 3" and a depth of a  ½".

Each shrine must also include a wire or string loop somewhere at the top.
This is so it can be displayed on a wall, tree or worn - if desired. 

I have created a board on Pintrest for you to draw inspiration from.

No ATC's are required with this swap, but I ask that you personalize the back of each shrine with your name, date and any other info. 

2020 Mexican Folk Art- Shrine swap 
(Deadline to sign up is 9/21/2020)

To join our swaps, please visit this link.

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