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We are excited that you want to join in on our on going swaps! 

We have quite a few exciting swaps per year. 

  • Jewelry & Art Charms
  • ATC's
  • Shrines & Shadow Boxes
  • Faerie Garden Miniatures
  • Putz Houses
  • Cards, Tags and other paper crafts.
  • R.A.K. (Random Acts of Kindness)
  • Secret Swaps
  • ....and more!

Swap Participation Rules

  1. Ensure you are willing to commit to responding to participants questions. If you get overwhelmed contact an admin for help.
  2. Be clear about who can participate, and how international shipping will be handled.
  3. Rules for all Swaps
  4. All swaps are open to all members of The Mixed Media Art Swaps & Crafting Club 
    as well as any outside participants.
  5. Participants are expected to sign up in a timely manner and adhere to due dates.
  6. Swap hosts should make clear if they want participants to message them on Facebook or email.
  7. Participants are required to send swap hosts tracking numbers of packages sent.
  8. Swaps are only open to adults 18 and older. Children may only participate after admin approval and only if assisted by an adult.
  9. If participants fail to follow through with a swap in a timely manner or don’t communicate properly with the swap host, they may be excluded from future swaps or removed from the group.

Simply click "Join Group" and answer all questions provided. 
 Mixed Media Art Swaps & Crafting Club. 

See some of our most popular swaps below.....

* * *

Every year, around November,

 I host a 

Mexican Folk Art - Shrine Swap.

The premise:
Use small 32 ct. matchboxes as the start of your shrine. 
(you can find these in packs of 10 at Walmart for less than $6)

The theme of this swap is "Mexican Folk Art"
This can be Day of the Dead, Frida, Our Lady of Guadalupe, floral, Milagros or other Mexican art!
Use any medium as long as it is durable and artfully made. 

As shown below, each shrine must not exceed 2 ½" x 3" and a depth of a  ½".

*Each shrine must also include a wire or string loop somewhere at the top.
This is so it can be displayed on a wall, tree or worn - if desired. 

I have created a board on Pintrest for you to draw inspiration from.

No ATC's are required with this swap, but I ask that you personalize the back of each shrine with your name, date and any other info. 

2020 Mexican Folk Art- Shrine Swap 

2021 Mexican Folk Art - Shrine Swap

*( you may also use small altoid tins in your shrine making or construct something new altogether!) 

Charm Swaps


Past Charm Swaps 

#1 Spring 2007
#2 Spring 2008
#3 Fall and Halloween 2008 
#4 Things with Wings 2009
#5 Witches Cupboard 2009
#6 Alice in Wonderland 2010
#7 Wish You Were Here 2010
#8 Haunted 2010
#9 SteamPunk 2011
#10 Charm Supply Swap 2011 
#11 Goth Charm Swap 2011 
#12 Kitchy Swap 2012 
#13 Halloween Owls 2013
#14 Vintage Santa Charm Swap 2013 
#15 Down the Rabbit Hole Charm Swap 2014  
#16 Sewing Swap 2015
#17 Mermaid Charm Swap 2015 
#18 Christmas Charm Swap 2015
#19 Star Wars Charm Swap 2015
#20 Native American Swap 2016
#21 Summer Swap 2017
#22 Witches Cupboard Swap 2017 

Premise of each Swap-  
  1. Open to 20 participants, unless otherwise noted.
  2. Charms/Miniatures must be durable enough to be worn or displayed.
  3. If you are working with clay, please be sure no fingerprints remain on finished piece.
  4. Please make something you'd like to receive.
  5. All media allowed for the Charms/Miniatures as long as you adhere to the theme.
  6. No "cute" Charms/Miniatures please.
  7. No religious or political images or script.
  8. Must be 18 years or older to participate.
  9. International welcome if your country allows "organic" items.
  10. All Charms/Miniatures must include a ATC.
  11. All Charms/Miniatures must be individually wrapped or securely bagged. 
  12. Swaps are usually posted 1-2  months before due date.
  13. Must provide current e-mail address for participating swap updates and to be added to "Master" invitation list.
  14. Must be able to provide a check, cash or be billed via Pay Pal for return shipping. I use Priority mail which includes a tracking #.
  15. As a courtesy to others, if your package arrives past the due date, you will be given a warning, on your third strike you'll be removed from future swaps. 
*But if you have less than 3 strikes by the end of the year, at the start of the new year, you will have a clean slate.

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