As Promised...

~ As promised...here are some sneak peeks of my new illustrations and painting, and Halloween Tussie Mussie's.!

And if you've been to my shop lately, you'll notice it looks a little bare. Some of past crowns and paper art has expired. Instead of relisting them, I'm re-vamping them with new idea's.
Halloween goodies will be listed in my shop by the end of the month!



~Feel free to "click" photo for close up's!

I've also been "tagged" by my Fiskateer friend Debby!
She's a wonderful gal and talented Scrapbook artist!

The challenge is to list 6 random facts about myself and/or 7 strange things you might not know about me.
I will tag 6 others to do the same.

Six random facts:

  1. I never graduated with a degree of anything.
  2. I love Sun Flower Seed butter!
  3. I used to live a couple of blocks from the beach
  4. My Middle name is "Frae"
  5. My maiden name is "Prince"
  6. I wanted to be a famous artist when I grew up, still do...

Now on to Seven Strange things:

  1. I like to twirl my hair with my finger.
  2. After I take a shower, I have to have a clean pillow case.
  3. When ever I travel, I always take my own pillow.
  4. I see shadow people
  5. Feta and calamata olives is the ideal meal for me, anytime.
  6. I only like the chilled flavored liquid creamer in my coffee, not that powdered stuff!
  7. When my husbands snoring is moderate and not too bad yet, I condition my self too fall into his breathing pattern so I can fall asleep.

~ I now tag:

Pam Warden Becky Susanne Laura Bray

Sheri Leseberg‎ Vanessa Valencia MB

How to fake Cupcakes

Have you ever wondered how they do that?
For easy instructions, please go HERE.
Then hop on over to Sugar and meringue's for more yummy's!


For you Scrapbookers or Crafters out there...

Hi all, Just wanted to let you know
I have friend that sells to me a cut rate anything I practically need for scrapbooking.

If you are looking for something , please drop her a line.
She’s in my scrapbook group and can be trusted.
I buy most of my Cricut cartridges from her
and now because of her I'm hooked on "Bo Bunny" album kits!
The above picture is a kit she sells.
I took this as a class through her and absolutely loved how it turned out!
She bills through pay pal making it even easier!
The following is a smattering of what she sells…
Bo Bunny,
TLC/Breezy Design,
Heritage Makers,
Collected Memory albums,
Croppin’ Companion,
Fruzzle Frames,
Scrapbook Girl Apparel,
Dress it Up Buttons,
Little Windows,
Scrap Arts,
Hot of the Press,
Clip it Up,
Word Bloom Albums,
Traditions Studio,
Time Fly Scrapbook Kits,
Stix2 Tape Guns and adhesive,
Zoom Albums,
Memory Mixer,
EK Success,
Clear Scraps,
3 Bugs in a Rug,
Provo Craft
and Rusty Pickle.
If you cannot find what you want on her site,
you can ask her and she will give you a price if she can get it!
Go HERE to see her shop!

Happy Shopping!


New Favorite Blogs

Was browsing briefly before my show (TAPS) starts. and found these delish blogs to pass on to you!
  1. Tizzalicious

  2. Pretty Little Things

  3. Betz White

  4. Print and Pattern

  5. Heather Bailey..

Also if you please... Hop! on over to Goddesses of Craft for the Blog Challenge for this month!


Post Due

~ If any of you are like me, you enjoy recieving personal snail mail!
And if it's a hand decorated post card, even better! I'm part of a casual group called Post Due. You fill out the basic info and then recieve a fabulous art card from the organizer in the mail, who in-turn request that you make a card for a address that he provides.
You can also join swaps where you send to 2 random addresses and recieve two back!
Not only are you keeping the tradition of snail mail alive...but you are recieving fabulous art!


August Blog Give-away

~This months give away is about the power of giving.
I will giving away 3 of my nest charms to three unselfish people at the end of this month.

~ Do you believe in Karma? If you don't, you should. Because for every GOOD you do, it comes back to you times 3.
For a chance, or two, or three or more...I'm asking everyone to do a good deed for a friend, neighbor, family member or even a stranger.
*Think how you'd feel if some one did something nice to you...
~ Then come back her and post what you've done.
Here are some idea's to get your Good Karma juices flowing...

  1. Fill up a friends gas tank.
  2. Pay for a strangers coffee at Starbucks
  3. Buy a magazine subscription for someone.
  4. Send someone you just met a cheery card
  5. Help entertain children of a overwhemed mother while in line at a store.
  6. Pay a needy teenager to do something you would normally do your self and enjoy the free time
  7. Mow your neighbors lawn
  8. Visit someone you don't know in a nursing home
  9. Make a big dessert and invite your neighbors to help you eat it.
  10. Compliment a stranger
  11. Put a quarter in a expired meter
  12. Think of someone who made a difference in your life, and tell them.
  13. Help a older person shop
  14. Buy extra copies of your favorite inspirational book and give it away.
  15. Smile and give a warm greeting to someone you feel like advoiding.
  16. Bring a meal to someone who just had a baby or has been ill.
  17. I'm sure there's more...

Please read THIS. It is a post by my dear friend Nina and the similarity of our "Giving" post is un-canny!


~ So post here as often as you can on this thread about the good you've done from this moment forward. Make sure I have a way to reach you in the case that you might have won.

New Shop Items!

~ I've listed some new items in my shop! These are things I've collected from various Vintage fleas markets and realized my crafting ambition is bigger than my storage space!
More to be listed this week, so please check my shop again!


Happiness is....

...being found!
A long time ago in the days of still living at home, before having a cell phone, much less a computer...I was part of a few pen pal groups. I found them in the back of art magazines and in a club called "Lex".
You know the kind where you write a letter by hand, stick it in a envelope and attach a stamp? Snail Mail ring a bell?
Well I started writing this guy named Benito, but he wanted a relationship and I did not.
So he passed me off to a pen friend of his and the rest is history.
~ Nina and I became Best (pen) Friends.
She lived in Montreal, Canada, I in Southern California. Two worlds apart but each with the same struggles and same passions. We supported each other through ups and down, sent off amazing packages. Praised each other and always wished we could someday meet.
~ We continued our friendship all the way up to my getting engaged.
By this time we had converted to e-mails. I wanted her in my Wedding but then life happened, as it sometimes does.
Computer crashes, moving (me and her), losing all current contact that I had of her.
Just a box of sent letters.
Over the years I thought of her often and longed for her, searched for her, any chance I got.
I was lonely for my dearest friend.
Then 6 years later,... this last Friday to be exact, I get a e-mail from someone on Facebook.
It's her!
She found me!
We have never met in person but now that we are more stable in our lives, I hope to someday in the near future meet.
She has her 4th child due in October and I feel somewhat sad that I was not there for her all this time. We have so much catching up to do!
Last I talked with her through e-mail, I had to laugh because she said she was filling up a package for me already!
Sometime this week I plan to pull out those letters, and if you think about it, what we shared with each other is part of our life story.
Never to be forgotten.


Birthday Pic's, Blog Winners and Art Dolls!

~ A special thanks to Jessica of Zakka Life for giving me the heads up
on this fantastic cake pan
that I got from Williams Sanoma!

The next time we have a "smaller" party, I plan to use the recipe that came with pan!
For Dyllan' party we had 19 kids and almost 30 adults! Quite alot of baking! So I went with easy Betty Crocker in a box!

~ I'm glad I took photographs of the cake when I finished it the night before as the humidity made the peppermint wheels dissolve over night! The middle cake was for the adults, meant to be a hill side complete with circus animal cookies!

~ Dyllan stayed up late helping me decorate, he would not have it any other way! I was hoping by staying up late that he would (let us) sleep in, but he was up at 6:30am sharp!. Go figure.

~ I'm really in LOVE with this cake pan and am already dreaming up something spooky for Halloween!

~ Since we live in a cul de sac, we hosted the party in the garage. I bought a roll of green, (Dyllan's Favorite Color) plastic table cloth and used it to cover our shelves and less than pretty garage items. I also hung streamers, Diego themed stuff and balloons everywhere!

The kids had party hats and noisemakers. I also made cool treat bags filled with all of Dyllan's favorites; airplane, ring pops, dip-in-stick, candy buttons, toy race car, games ans more!

My friend Teresa lent us her bounce house. The kids had a blast!

~ Here I am lighting the 4 candles on Dyllan's cake. You can see the peppermint wheels had started to dissolve. Still yummy though! Also since we had so many kids/people, I did not have anything big enough to hold the train cakes and hill side. So I took the lid off of Dyllan's plastic toy storage tote and wrapped it in some green plastic tablecloth. Taped it to the undersides. It worked fine!

~ This was our first Party where we could have a pinata! So fun!

~ All you could here were the
kids exclaiming..Candy! Candy! Candy!

The winner of last months July post for the Goddesses of Craft
is: Jan Thompson!

~ Make sure you visit the Goddesses of Craft often so you don't miss out on fabulouse shop specials and RAK's!
The winner of my blog giveaway for last month is...

Fiskateer Karen#4500!

~ Last but not least....
Remember The Pink Artist Doll I contributed to?
Well she's in the new Art Doll Quarterly! I don't have the publication yet, but if you do.. you can see her on pages 50, 51, 52, 53!

I am one of 180 artist that contributed to this lovely creation. You see my Square here.

~ Please help fight Breast Cancer! You can purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win this amazing treasure and learn of her fabulous artistic journey Here!


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