Home at last

~ I know these seem like a lot of photo's but they are really only a smattering of what we took in our 8 day road trip! So here is a basic run down as most of the info will be shared in a altered journal complete with scraps and touchable stuff.

~We arrived in a San Francisco on sat Nov,17th and spent all of the next day having fun. We've concluded that 1 day is enough in S.F. when you have a 3 year old boy!

Incredibly yummy lunch at Bubba Gump.

Let me tell you of this Carousel which was very beautiful. It has 2 stories where as the 2nd story spins in the opposite direction. Talk about sea sick!


My 3rd Boutique

For my table I found a a pretty lace like plastic table cloth to go over the cheap pink plastic ones I always use.
(feel free to click on any pic for detail!)

I had Scrapboxes, captured faeries, glittered Christmas trees, hair clips, magic wands, packets of custom glitter blend, Crowns, decorated votive holders, and pretty tags.


Paris to The Moon Costa Mesa

Last Saturday I had about 4 hours to myself.
~I started at Lakeshore Learning in Lake Forest, it's a teacher supply store. I got something for Dyllan, a Birthday gift and 2 x-mas gifts for my nieces since we be seeing them on Thanksgiving.
~ Then I stopped off at Trader Joes's which was near by for some Olive Oil and a snack.
~From there I braved the mall. I offered to pick up the brining spices from Williams and Sonoma as our contribution for Thanksgiving. I had to park in la la land since a chunk of the parking lot was roped off for a pink motor home from Life channel which was doing make overs on women and filming it too. I also did not anticipate walking so far or I would not have worn my new rocket dog sneakers with out socks. As I limped back to car, I was wondering where I parked until I remembered I had my hubby's car not mine and his seemed to blend in a sea of other silver Honda's.


Family Portrait

I just love this!
This is Dyllan's 2nd fam portrait.
It is drawn on a big piece of butcher paper and drawn upside down!
Daddy is on the far right with the glasses, I'm in the middle and Dyllan is on the left.
He did it all by him self! I only suggested who he could draw, he did the rest!

I'm tickled "pink" that Dyllan likes to draw so much!


One Woman's junk is another Woman's treasure...

I'm a craft aholic and I admit it.

I took a before pic for you all to see the chaos of my studio. You will see that photo when I'm done, probably after I finish my projects.
You might not hear from me until Friday and this is why, so please, pardon my ramble...
  1. Get materials and make demo's for Wednesdays MOPS craft. I will be making paper pumpkins, the same craft is what I'm making for table setting on thanksgiving with inspirational thoughts inside.

On this Sunday with my craft group, I'm having a card swap with a Christmas theme.
You make your card and attach it to the outside of a shoe box.
On the inside of the box are organized packets of the material s needed to make the card;
  • pre cut paper
  • ribbon
  • stamps
  • ink pads
  • embellishments.
 It's enough for 10 people and is supposed to be made in 15 min or less, all the boxes are on a table, you grab one box, when done with that card, take the box back and grab another!

  1. I'm putting the finishing touches on my swaps,100th post treats, oct. blog treats, and a crown give away.

  1. My goal is to have everything shipped off by Friday so I can focus the rest of my energy on my Boutique items to be sold on November 14th!

I gave away a ton of out dated materials to military moms when I went to a retreat in September. Now in re sorting my studio, I'm finding more "stuff" The way I sort the good from the bad, is I look at it and pretend I'm in a fave shop, if it does not appeal to me, it's a goner.

I don't want to pay for shipping, but would like to give this "stuff" away to a happy home or two. I live in south Orange county, drop me a e-mail and we can set up a date for you visit.

It mostly consist of stickers, 12x12 patterned papers, wall paper rolls of strange designs, embellishments, some ribbon scraps, odds and ends. In the case that you don't like any of the "stuff", at least we get to meet and you can see where I create!


A dream come True

~~~Yesterday I put on a bunch of my Swing Music CD's. The 1st being Brian Setzler. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Dyllan be-bopping past me on the tile floor. In between taking down Halloween decorations and washing dishes, I danced with Dyllan showing him my moves and him insisting I try his. He made one up and it went like this: Put your right foot out to the side, slide it back in, wiggle like crazy. It was cute and went with the music!
~~~ Dyllan kept asking for "fast " music, so I played "Eddie Reed", Big bad Voo Doo Daddy, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Royal Crown Review. I've seen a lot of these guys in person and have many autographs and memories to go along with the music.

~~~The pic above is of Me, Swing dancing many years ago at Disney land. I used to go to the thrift store and find vintage goodies to make a costume for dancing. My hubby is not much of a dancer of any kind so I have not danced for a while. Although now I'm looking forward to teaching Dyllan and to some day have a new partner!

~ Click on the pic for more detail!


Recap from October

~~~Just catching up in all my October happenings. Sorry there are no "craft" pic's, these are mostly for the Family and Friendsto see what we've been up too.
The following are from Halloween's Trick or Treat party @ our house!

(Please click on any photo's for more detail!)


20 ways to confuse Trick or Treater's

Susan has this on her blog and I think it's hilarious! It's a day late but would be fun to try a few on the "too old to trick or treat" kids next year!

* 20 ways to confuse trick or treaters*
(some are little "extreme" but others would be worth the look on the faces of the older kids!)
I highlighted my fave's!

What a night!

~~~ Last night was a complete success for the 3rd year in a row. All but a few of Dyllan's friends came for good food and lots of Trick or Treat fun!
~~~We live in a 300+ track neighborhood that is culdesac's and all connected. It's also flat which is a plus. I think we hit 8 culdesac's with his friends, after they left, Dyllan and I went out just the two of us and hit a few more.
~~~ I'm not so hip on the the people that hang out front of their house in a lawn chair with their bowl of treats and I just don't bother with the ones that leave a bowl on their front stoop with a sign that say's "take one please." Both of those take the fun out of trick or treating!

~It's all about watching your child ringing the doorbell and singing "trick or treat!"
I'm still tired.
Did anybody tape TAPS's, on a real VHS? I don't have tivo and could not muster the energy last night to find a tape. They were investigation the Waverly Manor from 9pm-3am in a live broadcast. I conked out on the couch after 2 hours.
I'll upload Halloween photo's maybe tonight of last nights festivities. I also have to go through all the Oct. blog post to choose winners! How exciting!
I'm still playing around with the details but for now, how do you like my new banner and blog design?


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