Friday, November 2, 2007

Pardon my Post(s).....

~~~Just catching up in all my October happenings. Sorry there are no "craft" pic's, these are mostly for the Family and Friendsto see what we've been up too.
The following are from Halloween's Trick or Treat party @ our house!

(Please click on any photo's for more detail!)

Some neat decorations in Laura of Katydiddy's neighborhood.

One very Foggy morning....
Party Treats
Daddy and Dyllan time
A special place
Helping Mommy decorate cookies!
Halloween fun at Disney's Ca Adventure
Don't know them, just loved their hand crafted costumes!
Visiting my Mom in Borrego Springs, 10/21

Arrow points to her house, view from Montazuma Mountain.

Baking in Mom's solar oven.
Evening visitors
Leaving my Mom's through the Bad Lands.

Dyllan said the best part of visiting "Grandma" is playing in her dirt!
Disneyland 10/12

Cookie decoration with Grandpa Jim at Woody's Roundup.
Hair cut at "Stew's" 10/11

Disneyland! 10/4


RedBessBonney said...

Fun pictures! And Yay I Won! I'll e-mail you a profile photo, but if you want to save postage, and you aren't too pressed for time, I can get it from you at the card swap on the 11th. Let me know!

Michelle said...

that sounds good susan!

Sheri said...

looks like you've been having some fun! those treats look very yummy...
i really love your new blog header and the new blog color...

Lori said...

oh that Dyllan is a beauty!!! what a little sweetheart!!! i'll send you my info for the YIPPEE!!! win in the morning. i just got home from work and i work again tonight and i have 42 posts on google reader i need to try to get to before i collapse from exhaustion!!! did i say "YIPPEE" !!!

Laume said...

What fun photos. The best being all those great handmade cookies and the wee son tucked into his "special place". They're so sweet when they're little and wild and always wearing costumes and ... well, little boys are special creatures, especially for their mom.


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