A Practical Magic Blog Party

This movie is quite possibly one of my favorite movies because it reminds ME
that it is OK to embrace our "inner" witch!
I love it for setting, the house, the wonderful cast and the lovely spells and potions.
So I have put together a few fun things for you that remind me of this movie....

Witch Hat Cookies
you will need:
fudge striped keebler cookies
piped green icing
Hershey kisses (unwrapped)

1. place cookies - chocolate coated side -up
2. pipe a little icing in the center of each cookie
3. affix chocolate kiss
4. pipe icing around seam of kiss,then make the bow
5. devour

(free witch clip art for you)
(free candelabra clip art for you too!)

I think all witches are beautiful...don't you?

(free tea cup clip art for you)

Delightful Ghost Treats
(because all witches need a satisfying snack while working on spells!)
You will need:
fresh baked brownies
large marshmallows
can-o-white frosting
piped black icing

1. place your brownies on a wire cooling rack with something underneath to catch drips
2. dab a bit of the white icing in the center of each brownie
3. place one marshmallow on icing
4. with a spatula, transfer 1/2 of the can-o-white icing to a microwave safe measuring cup.
5. nuke icing at 10 second intervals, stirring each time till it is hot and liquidfied
6. gently and slowly drizzel icing over each marshmallow, starting at the top, drizzle in a circle so that the icing drizzles down, coating the sides and pools on the brownie.
7. use of remaining frosting
8. let cool completely
9. with black icing, pipe black eyes on each ghost
10. be a "nice" little witch and share with your friends... ;)

(free clip art for you)

Thank you for coming to my
Practical Magic Blog Party!
Please fly on over and see what all the other witches are brewing up!

More fun with Tilt-shift!

Every now and then...I like to play with Tilt-shift.
Always makes me think of train miniatures. :)


"Haunted" Halloween Charm Swap!

You are invited to my annual Halloween Charm Swap!
This years theme is
What haunts you?
A abandoned house? A spooky looking antique item?
How about those old black and white photographs of sad looking children
or too serious grownups?
Don't they look Haunted?
Maybe you believe in ghost, and have a genuine photo
you've been dying to make something with....
or you've been haunted by the same scary dream...over and over
terrifying you with each sleepless night.
When the fog rolls in, does the beach look haunted?
Have you ever felt something watching you in the darkness?

Whispers or foot steps when no one is near.
Lights flicker, things move by some thing unseen.
Shadow people. A chill in the air....
What haunts you?

This swap is open to 31 Charm makers.

Charms must be durable enough to be worn or displayed. No bigger than 2"
Please make something you'd like to receive.
All media allowed for the charms as long as you adhere to the theme.
Must be at least 2-dimensional and of good quality.
No "cute" charms please.

All 31 charms must be in my hands no later than
October 23rd.
Late packages will be returned to sender.
No exceptions.

International welcome.

If you would like to be included in this charm swap,
Please e-mail me - altered (dash) art (at) hotmail (dot) com
Please include in your e-mail:
Your first & last name, mailing address, and (optional) any blog/etsy link.
I will send you a confirmation with my mailing info and more swap details.

Feel free to use this button on your blog.

Past charm swaps can be seen here....

1. Michelle Cummings
2. Wanda Stivison
3. Tami Roth
4. Victoria Sturdevant
5. Mahala Elliott
6. Dawn Freedain
7. Susan Link
8. Michelle Betaudier


Sunday post card Art #4

Last weeks theme was "fruit" so I naturally thought of Oranges.
I accented a orange on some fabric with colorful and sparkly threads.
This weeks theme is "feeling Blue".
Sunday Post Card Art


Sunday Post Card Art #3

I'm a tad late in posting my Sunday Post Card Art creations this week as Dyllan started first grade! Which means earlier mornings, longer days and earlier bed times. - For both of us!

the theme is "On the Dark Side"
I'm pleased with my creation! Her head is stuffed like a doll, and she looks so much better in person!
In keeping with my tradition of including a spider web into every piece , I was happy that the Halloween ribbon I used already had a velvet spider and web!

This weeks theme is "Fruit" and I hope to post that one by the weekend for you.
Now as you know, I'm sewing all my Sunday Post Card Art creations to make one very creative crazy quilt. You can see the others here.

Do you like my new banner?
Can you tell I'm already in the Halloween mood? :)
I just love this time of year and am already dreaming of fall crafts!

Thanks for coming by!


Can you believe a 6 year old colored these?

The amazing amount of detail and shading makes my breath catch in my throat when I realize that Dyllan did these!
Sometimes we sit together and color, but he did these on his own and I'm so proud. :)


Unofficial "Galactic " Toy Store Greeter....

Last week I took Dyllan to Toys R Us to use up his Birthday Gift cards and look who greeted us near the front door! I love how the halogen overhead lights look like laser beams! :)


It's National Sewing Month!!!

As most of you know, I'm a Fiskateer- #915.
Fiskateers are ambassadors of crafting,
representing Fiskars brands.
It's not a job, it's a lifestyle
and I would not be where I am today
with out the love and creative support of my Fiskateer friends!
This month is National Sewing Month!
So Fiskars is giving away Fiskars tailor Shears and a $50 Walmart card!
Just sew something $15 or less and upload it here
Want a second chance to win?
Make a 2nd piece (totally different) and upload it to the gallery on the Fiskateers site!
Last day to enter (both sites) - September 30th.
The top photo is my before and this one is my after.
Feeling a little jealous that Dyllan
was getting all the cool new back to school stuff,
I created this little monster to hold my art supplies.
(inside the bag~ my sketch pads, watercolor pencils, brushes, inspiration stuff and other tools.
I love how the pens look like fangs.
It was not until I was done that I realized i made the little monster in true
Fiskateer colors...as another friend said,
"It must be in my blood"!
Good luck with the contest!
I hope you win!


My Scrapbook/ Altered Art Group is seeking Sponsors!

Interested in sponsoring our group?

Price and details is as follows:

$30 per year (must be a current member)

$45 per year for non- members

Local and online companies welcome.

Sponsors must be related to the craft industry.

Supplies or hand made items.

All sponsors will have their shop and info posted

on the left side of our home page,

posted in our newsletter

and printed on hand outs we take to out side events.

( the group may be private

but the home page is very public

and your shop info will be seen by everyone on a daily basis!)

Interested? Have questions? please feel free to contact me!

~Michelle Cummings


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