Sin City Stamps Design Team Call

SinCity Stamps is looking for a few awesome Designers to
showcase SinCity Stamps Products!!

If you LOVE play with Stamps, ChipBoard, stencils and Masks show us
what you can do!!

We're looking for talented artists and designers who know how to
inspire others to create.

 For those that also seek opportunities to
have their stamp work prominently featured, SinCity Stamps Design
Team is a great fit!




3-D Cupcake Card

Here's a fun and delightful card I recently made for a friends Birthday.
It really only took less than 15 minutes but the Magic of it will last forever!

 I started with a folded card blank. Any size with do.
I cut some cut some Glittered Lips cardstock and and just tore it to size with my fingers. I flipped it over and used its back side which was a nice distressed red.
Then I used a copy of vintage music and did the same 'tear with my fingers' technique.
I placed a few strips of  washi tape at the bottom. I honestly can't remember where I bought this roll, but if you Google "washi tape with hearts and clouds", I'm', sure you will find some!

The cupcake stamp is by Pink Persimmon.
 I stamped it in black ink and colored it in with alcohol pens.
I carefully trimmed it out and attached it to the card with 3-layers of foam tape.
With a craft knife, I cut off a little bit of a unused birthday candle so it would lay flat on the card.
I coated some coordinating washi tape with adhesive and added to the candle.
 I let it set for a few minutes before adding adhesive to the back of the candle and attaching to the card, tucking the bottom just under the 'top' of the cupcake.
I colored in the tip of the candle with a alcohol pen.

What do you think?


Easy as 1-2-3 Watering Jug!

Last month, we had a cold water slab leak in our kitchen and the plumbers had to shut off the water line for about 3 days. This also cut off the water to my outside hose and we happened to get a high heat wave the next day!

I tried filling a plastic watering can up by ways of the bathroom sink but it slipped from my hands and busted a small hole when it hit the tile floor. Thus, I had water everywhere.

So I decided to make up my own watering can with a empty milk jug.
I first used a paper piercer to poke holes into the milk jugs cap.
Then I used a ice pick to enlarge the holes.
I flipped the cap and poked the holes again, wiggling the ice pick as I worked to keep the holes big.
Then I filled the jug up with water but not all the way and made a small hole near the neck of the jug with the ice pick.

Now I have a handy watering can  :)


Hojalata : A Mexican Tin Art Shrine

Happy Cinco De Mayo!
In honor of today's Mexican holiday, I created a tin art shrine based off Hojalata influence.

Hojalata  typically is flat piece of tin that has been molded or stamped to create candelabra's, jewelry boxes, ornaments, nativity scenes, tiles and more!
Often mirrors and hearts are included in the tin artwork.
Some Hojalata is left to age with natural elements, creating a rustic piece.
The more popular pieces are painted with vibrant colors depending on the Artisans personality and skill level.

I hope you enjoy my tutorial and will be inspired to make your own!

To start, you'll need either a shrine kit like the one below (Mr.Shrine.com) or shrine shaped cardboard cutouts and mixed craft stash to play with.
Craft Paint
Aluminum tape (from the hardware store)
Strong wet adhesive, hot glue gun
Sturdy cardstock
Thick foam  pad
Alcohol pens
Stylus or assorted tips. I used paintbrush ends, a paper piercer and a craft scratcher by Tim Holtz.

I started by painting the wood shrine pieces black. Then I painted them a shiny silver. When they were dry, I traced all the pieces onto the cardstock, front and back except for the shrine base.
I cut the pieces from the cardstock and covered only one side with aluminum tape.
With the blunt end of a paintbrush, I carefully carved my designs.
You would only be scratching the surface of the tape if you were to try this on a hard table. The foam pad lets you have a little space for the design to emerge.

 The paper piercer adds fine detail and the scratcher helps with the textured pattern.
When you have finished all your designs, you can begin coloring with the alcohol pens.
Lastly, glue them to the painted wood shapes.
Here is a close up of some of my designs.
You always want to leave some of the foil unpainted for a dramatic effect.

 The heart with wings is probably my favorite. I placed it on the top with a little bit of foam tape for added dimension.
 Use your hot glue gun to attach pieces to the foil covered base and each other.

 Drizzle some wet glue on the base and add your random embellishments.
Add a mirror in the back or family photo, maybe of someone special.
Thanks for coming by! I hope you liked my creation. :)
This month is full of many themes- Flowers, Cinco De Mayo and Mothers Day.
To see more inspiring creations like this one, please click on The Designer Crafts Connection button, located to the right of this post.


My NEW Stamp Line with Sin City Stamps!

Hooray! The longs months of careful illustration and design is over!
These are my new rubber stamp line from Sin City Stamps!
 (watermark not present on actual stamps)
You can shop all of these here.
The "Day of the Dead" stamps have a wonderful matching chipboard book collection....

Every image is hand drawn by Me.
 "Hoot Owls"



Thanks for coming by!


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