Mothers Day Ribbon Flower

 Mothers Day is just around the corner and if you are looking for something simple to make, why not these cheerful ribbon flowers? 

* As a design team member for Gwen Studios,
I am provided with product to work with each month.

Supplies used: 

Trim the satin ribbon to approximately (12)  3" pieces. More if you want a bigger flower. 
Next, cut (1) 1" circle and (2) 1½" circles. from the felt. I used pinking shears  to finish the edges. 

Fold each ribbon in half and begin stitching in place all around one of the larger circles.  

Stich another circle in place on top of the ribbon.

Stitch your button onto one of the smaller felt circles and attach with needle and thread to the center if the ribbon flower. 

Finish by adding the pin to the back of the ribbon flower.

Click here for more inspiration!


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