Vintage Inspired Christmas Tree Light Reflectors

I've always loved the look of vintage tree light reflectors and I love how Rinea Foiled Papers can help achieve that look with out any fuss.
Because I was using the reflectors on our Mexican folk art tree, I wanted to use colors that were bright and festive. I used Rinea Glossy Foiled Paper because one side was colored and the other side was gold.
Cut your foiled paper in 1 ½" strip and score at the ½" mark. Use fringe scissors to cut up to the ½" line. Cut strips into 1" pieces.
Pick out 2-3 colors to layer. 
Place 1/4" strips of double stick tape at the top of each strip. A ball point pen is about the same size as a Christmas tree light, so use that as your wrapping base. Wrap a un-taped fringed square around the pen. Then add the 2nd squarewith tape and then the 3rd square.

Before slipping these over any lights, fringed reflectors. 
I personally love how these look on colored lights, they remind me of childhood trips to mexico during the holidays with my Dad.
Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas! 


Flaming Heart Holiday Decor

I absolutely love anything to do with Mexican folk art, don't you just love the flowers I painted on my kitchen wall? Festive right? Well I thought I'd make a flaming heart garland to match.

You will need:
Ruby/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
Emerald/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
Violet/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
Sapphire/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
Flaming heart die by Sizzix
Tacky glue
Tools to emboss / foam pad
String or wire garland

I ran the foiled paper and flaming heart die through my die machine in all the foiled paper colors, using the back side of some for 'gold' as needed.
Then I separated all the layers.

I traced one of the hearts onto cardstock and cut this out just a lit bit larger than the trace.
I made enough for each flaming heart.
Next I began to assemble the hearts, alternating the layers and securing with glue.

I placed the hearts onto a foam pad and used various tools to gently press into the foil to create a 'hammered' tin effect.

The bone folder adds nice ridges into the 'flames' of the heart.

Then I turned over the hearts and taped the wire garland to their backs. You can also use string or ribbon. I used wire so I can eventually hang the garland onto a small Christmas tree I decorate with Mexican folk art ornaments.

See more Foiled Paper idea's on the Rinea blog!


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