Yes, I do Scrapbook. Once in a while....

Earlier this month a much anticipated all day crop was canceled and instead of not
cropping at all, my friend Teresa came over and we scrapped all day!
I did quite a few lay outs,
2 of which I can't show till later because I'm entering them in the Summer Fair.
But here are a few to prove that I "do" scrapbook once in while amidst my round the clock "other" crafting!

***(Please click on any photo for close up detail!)**

Brian and Dyllan on occasion will ride the Metrolink together on the weekends as kids ride free. They take it from Irvine to Los Angeles and then back again. They are not into stopping to "shop" as us girls would do, for them - it's all about the "ride"
Here my challenge was to fit as many photo's in as I could! I varied the sizes by printing them as a collage sheet through Costco. I upload on line and then pick up in the store. I can fit up tp 30 photo's If I choose, on a 12x18 sheet for $2.99. they also can put a black border around each photo for me, saving any matting time!

Here is Teresa, having fun and cropping away! We took a lunch break for sushi, some minor craft shopping and picked up a decadent red velvet cupcake to share from a new bakery in town.

On "Grandma's Tomato's" , I used Heidi Swapp's letter and polka dot masks! I'm hooked on her's and Tim Holtz's line as well. I also made the tomato as well.

Here I am with my mess, and one of my Lay Outs which I shared in this earlier post.
Sorry for the window glare.

This last Lay Out, I used items in the recycled bin to create what you see.
I also created some of the back ground with these Glimmer Mist screens.

Don't try this at home...

Ok, so the chicken did not exactly explode, but everything else did!
It was one of those, "where the 'heck' was my mommy brain?" days!
I was roasting a chicken in a dark Pyrex dish in the oven as usual.
I had it at 500 degrees to later have it finish it's roasting at 350. It never made it to 350.
The chicken started to smoke and I remembered if you put water to the pan, the grease of the chicken won't smoke, only my "mommy brain" did not connect that you are supposed to add the water before turning the oven to 500.
After I added the water, I heard a "crick" and closed the door of the oven in time before the glass dish exploded inside the oven.
Besides my stupidity, I think the dish was old as well, but am thankful I chose that dish as opposed to the clear one for easier clean up!
In the photo, you can see the chicken sitting on what's "left" of the dish.



I created these one one of those lazy weekend days - hanging out down stairs in the kitchen for the day. It's a reverse glass painting effect on clear vinyl.
You will notice a absence of "red" paint because at the time I was to 'in' to my project to go looking for it. I can't wait to add some "bling" before revealing their final completion to you!


There is a "NEW" Star Wars ride at Disneyland!

This is what I told Dyllan earlier this month when I realized he was tall enough for Space Mountain. We went for a day at the park, just the two of us.
Here's how the conversation went as we are waiting in line.
(Mommy) "Look, there's one of the star wars ships!"
(Dyllan) "Whoa! Can we ride it?"
(Mommy) "no, we will be riding a much bigger ship."
-as we move in closer to a blue lit hall way...
(Dyllan) "this does not look like a star wars ride..."
(Mommy)" It is. Just wait until we get to the main control room"
-in the main control room where we are walking at a downward slant for boarding-
(Dyllan) "I don't see Star Wars anywhere."
(Mommy) "Well, what does the people in Star Wars fly through?"
(Dyllan) "Space"
(Mommy) "And what is the name of this ride?"
(Dyllan) "Space Mountain"......... "Ohhhhh"...
- so we get on, in the very front, the ride is fast and super. As soon as it comes to a end....
(Dyllan)"I don't like that ride! it was too dark and the wind blew in my eyes!"
- 2 seconds later...
(Dyllan)" Can we ride that again?
- we rode it 2 more times.
Here is Dyllan posing with a few of his favorite characters...Hope the photo's make you smile!

Have a great weekend!
btw...Michelle S.- I've some more flowers for you!


All Things Grow with Love

I made this for a LO challenge I'm hosting with some friends. I embossed the paper with a cuttlebug emboss.folder using my Big Shot and painted the chipboard tag and letters green.
I especially LOVE that I can use most any die or emboss. folder with the big shot! It makes crafting all the more fun!
The photo was taken early this year of Dyllan in Borrego when the wild flowers bloomed.
Thanks to Pam for stopping by on the last post. I'll give you some flowers this Saturday!


Emergency Chocolate and Mermaid Atc's

I gave a bar of this to my Friend Teresa for Mothers Day! I like the instructions!
(Click on photo for close up!)
Here is Dyllan with me at a recent trip to the market. I know he's getting a little big to sit up front in the cart, but the specialty kids carts were taken and although I usually let him sit in the big part, I needed my eggs to stay safe. The nice man at the meat counter gave us hats and plenty of stickers!
In our last aisle, I gave Dyllan the note pad to draw on. Here he is re-creating battle scenes from star wars, complete with a sound effects. He can do perfect imitations of R2D2's noises and beeps.
I don't have photo to show of my Mermaid ATC that traded for these because I forgot to take a pic or make a extra one.
Thanks to Cat for stopping by on the last post, I'll send you some flowers soon!


Lollipop Flowers & Flea Market Finds!

I got the idea to make this lollipop flower from Helen Croft. I made this for my Mom, complete with a pin backing. I used stickles instead of 3-d paint as in the tutorial. I think it's just so pretty and can't wait to make more! Helen Croft, who's blog you'll fall in love with, I'm sure! Has a more amazing paper flowers tutorials to share!

Sunday I went to the Long beach Antique Flea Market and found exactly what I needed plus a few more goodies! I got there fairly early and was lucky enough to enjoy some cool weather before the sun began to 'bake' us all. lol!

I'm a stickler or shiny and vintage. These tartlette's were in a box marked 5 for $1. I bought $6 worth. I can see them being used for desserts, soap making, jewelry and some pin cushions?

It's impossible to do the whole flea market in the few hours I was there. After two long and interesting rows, I cut across to browse the row nearest to the rest room and found 2 booths away ~ a fabulous find! The above scrabble pieces were 20 for $1.
And the beautiful shades of blue poker chips were 40 for $1!

Part of my hunt at the flea market was to some particular shades of beads in pinks and greens for a bracelet I'm working on. The ones in the very center are hard to see, but they are green glass with pink swirls in them, from Africa.
I was in the Circus mood when I went to a all time favorite dealer!

That's all for now, Thanks for visiting!
Congratulations to Mary for winning some flowers!
and to Jacquie Hart for winning the Craft Book!


Friday Freebie

I have a fun craft book to give away!
Just leave a comment on this post here.
And make sure I can get a hold of you in case you win!
E-mail addy, Fiskateer #, or valid blog link.
You can also have a chance to win some fab flowers here, as I've not drawn a name yet.
I will pick a winner from each post sometime Sunday
after I get back from the Long Beach Antique Flea Market!
~ Til then...Have a great Weekend!

Faerie Tale Atc's

This was the title I used when I created my card for a recent ATC swap called "Fairy Tale"
I used a Snow White stamp I've had for ages, some rouge, crackle glaze and a red glazed pen for the lips.

I love the detail of Little Red Riding Hood!

The following ATC's were done for a Spring swap.

Mine is in the center but I don't love it, everyone did a better job than me by far!
Thanks to Sherry for coming by, I'll send you some pretty flowers!
By the way, if you want some first class inspiration...please visit her blog...she's in my current charm swap and the jewels she made are just stunning!!!!


Too many toys and a Mustache?

Last Saturday I did a garage sale with my friend Kimber.
She had this amazing solution that I just had to pass on.
Set out a small wading pool.
Dump in all those happy Meal toys and other such items.
Throw in a stash of brown paper bags.
Attach a sign that reads, toys- .25 cents each or fill a bag for $1.00
It also keeps the kids entertained while the parents shop!
The night before the garage sale, I went over to Kimbers to help set up.
Brian watched Dyllan and a friend for the evening.
Later, I went upstairs to check on Dyllan, and saw what appeared to be a "mustache".
Reminds me of "Gomez" from Adams Family.
Even if it's only dirt.
Here are the flower winners from the last 2 post...
Rosemary and Judy
Please take the time to visit their beautiful blogs!


Mothers day at the L.A. Arboretum

~Yesterday we spent a Beautiful day at the L.A. Arboretum.
Because it's a ever growing nature reserve and bird sanctuary on 127 acres, it always changing. So coming back every year for Mothers Day is still a treat!
This year we invited our close friends; Teresa, Rob and Sydney.
There are different areas, "lands" as what I call them. For instance in "Australia" you will walk around and view native plants to that area. Then there is Africa, Asia, A Rain Forest and so on....
My favorite parts of the day were seeing the roses in full bloom near Queen Anne's Cottage and have a picnic lunch spread out under a 200 year old pepper tree.
Please enjoy some of my favorite photos, (3 were taken by my husband, the rest by me) and click on any for a close up!


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