Mermaid Inspired Classes I have taught

 I have had the honor of being a part of a wonderful event called Seaside Soiree by Charity Wings. for the last 3 years with Elena lai Etcheverry.
 I have been able to work with Amazing known instructors you all know such as,

The theme of the event is always based around Mermaids. 
In December 2012 I taught the above miniature Mermaid Faerie Garden .
 For those of you that missed this class at the event or could not not make it, I will be selling the complete kits in my etsy shop by mid-April and will have 1/2 of the proceeds donated to Charity Wings.  You can go to my shop and sign up for updates or just follow my blog.
 This way you won't miss out when I list them as they will be a limited amount.
Below is a project you might remember from this blog hop sponsored by : Kool Tak.

This was used in my Silent auction item I created for the Seaside Soiree. Inside I made up a Miniature Faerie Garden kit. Lots of bidding went on and at the end someones daughter was very happy I'm sure. :)

In 2011, I taught this wire beaded Mermaid hair comb/tiara and wand.
 My donation piece for the event was quite popular. I put together a "living" miniature Mermaid garden! Here is a little bird bath nestled in some happy oregano.
 I hand crafted the arbor from wire and added the dangling bead. I planted Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and a little bit of Irish moss as filler. I made the glittery crown the Mermaid is wearing, the bird bath and gazing ball. I glittered up the Mermaid and her fish friends.
There was a bidding war on this garden and I think it sold for $65, but I could be wrong.
It was so fun to make!
Below is the a beaded Mermaid Crown I taught at my first year for Seaside. 2010.
 I used chicken wire as a base and let the women run wild with their imagination.
 The class was a huge success.

I've have had so much fun over the past 3 years being a part of seaside Soiree.
I have made such amazing new friendships with the instructors and attendee's, I am blessed.
 I still chat with them from time to time on FB, but really cherish seeing them in person at local events.
While I still love to teach at various events and functions, it is a lot of prep to do, and usually I do it myself. This year I hope to fine tune the "art" of making video demos for all to see. I have a slight issue with the sound of my own voice on video, but I hope to overcome this soon so those of you who visit my blog can learn new techniques!
Thanks for coming by!


Odin's carry-all-tote.

 I made this tote for my 4 year old Nephew Odin last Christmas. I knew it needed to be a "carry-all-tote" because Odin is all boy and all too curious about the things he finds on the ground.


Mini- Bird Houses Tutorial

I adore anything mini and anything bird house, which prompted me to make these over on The Robins Nest blog. I hope you will enjoy making them as much as I did!     :)


Resin Textured Heart Pin

Here is a textured heart pin I made with a vintage church votive holder, some resin and silver powder.
Want to see how?
Come by the Amazing Mold Putty blog for a full photo tutorial!
It's so easy and FUN to make! :)


A Batik Tote for my Mom



Inside with pockets.
I made this tote for my Mom for Christmas. I used some of my favorite batik fabrics and added the purple pocket on the front and the heart on the back. Inside I added more pockets, a Velcro closure and a pretty strap. I really enjoy making these totes as I start with a basic idea and run with it. My favorite part is decorating the front and back with the shiny metallic threads! When I make these totes, no two are never the same and piecing the colors is never planned or pinned. It's all off the top of my head, liking painting with fabric. :) Someday I would like to get back into making my own batik fabric like I did when I was younger, but its a lbig messy process. So for now, I just see what I can find at various craft stores and play. :)


2 Craft Aprons

Here are a couple of craft aprons I whipped up for friends Jaime and Susan this last Christmas. They are going to wear them at CHA this Sunday. The photos don't do them justice so if you happen to see these in person, be sure to look at the detail. Lots of sparkle!


Designers Challenge Blog Hop - Home Decor

As you know The Designer Crafts Challenge group posts a new theme every 1st Monday of the month.
The theme for this month is Home Decor.
We don't have any coasters so I thought to make some up.


10 Best Postings of Faerie Dust Dreams

It was hard to narrow down to 10 of the most popular post for 2012, but here they are.
Thanks to all my readers for reading my blog last year. I hope I have inspired you in more ways than one...here's to a Happy and Creative New Year!
1. Steam Punk Spiders tutorial. 
2. Cigar box cemetery tutorial.
3. Steam Punk Faeries
4. Painted shoes tutorial.
5. Steam Punk Red-White  Blue tutorial. 
6. Succulent Terrariums tutorial.
7. Beaded ring tutorial. 
8. Goth Charm Swap 
9. Faux Stained Glass tutorial. 
10. Steam Punk Valentines. 

Links have been updated and are good to go  on 1/7/2013


Letting my Happiness become my Idenity.

One of my favorite quotes that has been circulating the web recently is, "Don't let your Struggle become your Identity".  This is so true with people I know. I seem to identify them by not who they are as a person, but by
the moans and groans they make on a daily basis. This I have determined will not be me. This year I plan to live my life accordingly to what makes me happy. I plan to sew more, play with messy mediums and work on my cookbook. Yes, cookbook! I have always said that if I were not a Artist, I'd have my own restaurant by now. I love to cook and not for the fame, I have decided to write a book for Me, my Friends and Family. I'm estimating it will take me a year to put together.
Till next time, have a Wonderful day!


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