Flaming Hot Bookmarks!

Today I'm over on The Robins Nest blog.
Come by and see how Dyllan and I made these "Hot" bookmarks to give to his classmates on the last day of School. :)


Seaside Inspired Resin Ornaments

Hi Everyone, Michelle here to show you some Seaside Inspiration made from Amazing Crafting Products! We decided to keep up our tree from last Christmas because with the lights on, it adds a nice glow to our living room.
I had also always wanted a seaside inspired tree with glittery sea shells and mermaid ornaments!
Now that Summer is here, I decided it was the right time to start decorating and made up these easy ornaments from sea shells and plastic toys. 

 Here, you can view how I made the molds and poured the resin. I used the following Amazing Crafting Products for these ornaments: Amazing Mold PuttyAmazing Casting Resin; also Silver and Pearlescent Alumilite Powders.

 I simply brushed the powders into the molds before pouring the resin and added a bit of wire before the ornament had set so I would have a instant hook.

What are you creating for your summer seasonal decor?

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Alter a old jewelry holder with Spectrum Noir Pens!

 A couple of weeks ago, I stopped into my local Goodwill store to see if they had any summer skirts I could wear for summer. Not one skirt. Can you believe that? However, I did manage to find some cute summery tops and this jewelry holder. Because it had roses and my younger Sisters middle name is rose, I thought I would alter it and give it to her for Mothers Day. :)
 Materials needed: Windex to clean the dirt and grime from the metal, a covered work surface, alcohol pens (I used Spectrum Noir), Beacon 3 in 1 clear craft glue, Fresh Mowed Grass Dew  Drops, Scrap paper and clear sealing spray.

First you want to clean the piece with the Windex..
Then start painting your piece with your alcohol pens. Start light and blend into dark. This piece had the design on both sides so I painted the roses the same color, front and back.

 When I reached the base, I found that the price sticker was hard to remove and when I tried Goo-Gone to remove it, The base became sticky.
 So here is how I  made the decorated base.

  1. Trace the base of the piece onto your scrap paper and cut out.
  2. Fold the shape in half.
  3. Fold in half again.
  4. Once more, last time. I promise.
  5. Snip off the tip as shown with your scissors.
  6. Open up shape and cut out pie pieces as shown.
  7. Now you can start gluing your pie shapes to the base of your piece.
(Having the pieces cut into pie shapes gives you room to fit, especially if your base is not flat.)

 Still using the beacon glue, first cover the lines of the overlapping pie shapes with the dew drops. Then freely add more dew drops where you want.
  Let dry completely before taking outside to spray with the sealer.
 Spray the sealer generously onto the Dew drop base, and then lightly on the painted roses. Don't spray too much or the sealer will remove some of the roses color.

 Made for a pretty little jewelry holder, don't you think? Jewelry not included in the gift.
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See more Inspiration on The Robins Nest blog, here.


Desert Blooms

 Over this last weekend, I spent some time at my Mom's house in Borrego Springs, CA. These are photos I snapped in the morning while it was a "cool" 80* before the temp became hotter (100's) in the afternoon. All this flowers and shrub blooms are grown and cared for by my Mom. So pretty!


Making Rubber Stamps from Embossing Folders!

  I belong to a card making group that usually meets at my home once a month. This month was my turn to host a demo. So I thought I would teach my friends (and you) how versatile Amazing Mold Putty is.
I demonstrated how to use embossing folders to make rubber stamps! It's fun to do after you have embossed your card or tag, then further accent it with a matching stamped image!

 To get started you'll need to mix equal portions of the "A" and "B" Amazing Mold Putty until you no longer see any white swirls and you have one uniform color yellow.

Make a pancake of your putty, about 1/4" thick. 
Then select your chosen embossing folder, open it up and gently press your pancake onto the non-raised design side. You want your putty to go into the design. Flip the folder over and look for air pockets under the putty, if you see any, you'll need to gently press the putty in place. Use a craft roller to smooth out any finger prints and make for a smooth finish for later.

 Let your putty set for about 15 minutes then remove easily from your folder. Neat huh?

 Here are some examples that the girls and I created. We just used basic distress inks. For a more precise image, chalk inks would work even better.

Also, for a more user friendly stamp, I would recommend to mount the Mold Putty stamps onto cling mounting foam. That way you can use them easily with a acrylic block. 

The rubber of The Amazing Mold Putty makes for easy clean up.
Just wipe with a damp cloth and you are done!

This can also be done with embossing plates and brass stencils. 

Thanks for coming by, and happy crafting! 
Don't forget to visit The Amazing Mold Putty blog for more creative idea's!

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#1 Hot Rod Dad!

This week I thought it would be fun to make a "Hot Rod" style card!
 I stamped a truck image (from Stampin Up) onto white cardstock and colored it in with Spectrum Noir pens.  With a black pen, I added some flames. I trimmed out the truck and placed it on the card with the following from The Robins Nest:
For the cards corners, I ran  soda can sheets through my embossing folders and die machine.
 Then I cut them into the corner shapes.

Thanks for coming by, have a great weekend!
Michelle Frae Cummings


A Simply Sweet Sewing Book!

 Here is a little sewing book I whipped up for my step Mom whom is a quilter. I had won the plain canvas book below in a raffle during a weekend crop recently. The blank canvas book is by Maya Road and comes with 3 canvas pages and 3 chipboard pages.

 I used a assortment of Crafters Workshop stencils through out the book on the canvas material,
 and a  Heidi Swapp color shine spritzer, which I love even more than the other leading brands out there. The colors are so vibrant and shimmery. :)

 I have a assortment of vintage inspired stamps that I used.  Most of them are by Crafty Secrets.
 This tiny scissor was waiting at my crop table Sunday morning, a gift to us crafters from Westcott.
So in the book it went! I kept the colors red, turquoise and blue. Such happy vintage colors, don't you agree?
 I purged through my paper and fabric stash for just the right patterns to go into the book.
 On one of the canvas pages I layered some felt and made a spot for my step Mom to put her quilting needles.
 Keeping up with the color theme, I made a little pouch with some clear packaging and Velcro tape and added some embroidery thread for a sewing emergency.
 Fun buttons were glued in place through -out the book.
The book was getting kind of "chunky" so I fashioned a clasp from a glass bead, wire, a button and a crop-a-dile punch. I used the punch on the front of the book and knotted some dyed vintage binding.
 I glued ample amounts of pom pom trim to the side of the book to give it some "bounce".

What do you think?


Flaming "HOT" Tie Card for Fathers Day!

   Even though this is a simple card, it really says a lot, especially when you use the  Mango Flame embossed cardstock from  The Robins Nest!  First I decided what size I wanted to make my card before making up a tie and tie knot template. (Feel free to copy this template!)
You'll want to make sure the other ties are a pretty mellow color so not to take away from the main tie. After gluing them all in place, I used a doodle pen to draw the inside lines.
  I could have stamped this, but sometimes its more fun to hand write the greeting, don't you agree?
The New Hot Flame  line is on sale now until the end of the month for 20% off.
Perfect for the biker, motor-cross enthusiast, lover of fast cars or just the tough Dad with a mellow heart.


Leslie Rahye's - Steampunk Inspired Transportation Blog Hop

Welcome to another SteamPunk blog hop hosted by Leslie Rahye!
This months theme is transportation. So I made this card and tutorial for your SteamPunk enjoyment!
To get started, you will need white card stock and desired colored cardstock, each cut to:
6 1/2" x 5", 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" and 2" x 2 1/2".
Then using your paper trimmer, cut off a sliver off all sides of the white cardstock.
Using a tiny dab of glue, layer the white cardstock as shown below, this will hold the cardstock in place so you can create. :)
Lightly ink your layered cardstock with yellow, orange and brown inks.
I placed a gears template from Crafters Workshop and secured it in place with tape.
Then I went over the gears with shades of darker brown inks.
With the template still in place, I used a syringe bulb to blow some color from a Red Shimmer Krylon pen onto the card.
Then I flicked some champagne mist shimmer paint onto everything with a stiff dry brush.
I let it all set for about 10 minutes before carefully removing the tape and template.
For fun, I added some shimmer paint to the edges of the solid cardstock as well.

Next is the process of layering the card!
Pull apart the 3 layers of decorated white cardstock.
Layer them as shown, making sure the design aligns before gluing in place.
Large color on the bottom - large decorated cardstock on top.
Medium color next,
Medium decorated cardstock on top of that.
Then last small color piece,
And finish with last small decorated cardstock on top!
The clouds were made with a Fiskars punch,  a  dollar bin hot air balloon stamp, Art Tickets by Invoke Arts, and a Clock face stamp by Stamp in the hand Co.
A little bit of scrap paper,a  doodling pen, more glitter and washi tape completed my vision!
What do you think? Are you inspired? I hope so!
Happy blog hopping!


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