Rainbows and Sparkles with Gwen Studios

 Hi Everyone! 
I'm so excited to show you these new ribbons and appliques from Gwen Studios! 
The colors are so bright and cheery, I just had too much fun creating!

  As you can see, the assortment of ribbons and appliques are just so much fun!
 Look at those yummy colors! 


To make the backpack zipper pull, you will need the following:

Select the colors you want to adorn your Mermaid.
Fold the ends over and secure with hot glue.
This will deter any unraveling of the ribbon. Do this at both ends of the ribbons and adhere with the hot glue to the back of your Mermaid.

Following the simple instructions that come with the Snap Setting Tool, attach your snaps to about 3" of ribbon.
 With the hot glue, adhere to the back of your Mermaid at the top. 
Then attach your Mermaid zipper pull to your backpack or purse!  

The same technique as posted above using ribbon and the Snap Setting Tool can be used to attach Gwen Studio Appliques to your favorite shoes! 


It doesn't matter how young you are or how old you feel, Rainbows will always make us happy and full of hope. Just like this Rainbow- hairclip holder! 
Make one today!

All you need is:

Select and cut 7 colors of ribbon, ranging in length of  12" - 24".  Glue in place on the back of the Rainbow. Don't forget to glue the ends as you did with the zipper pull. Attach a loop of ribbon at the top for hanging.

Hang in a sunny spot and attach your favorite hair clips. Don't you just love those shooting stars? You can see how I made the Rhinestone hairclips here. 
All of the Gwen Studios product in this post can be purchased online and in-store at Walmart. 

Thanks for coming by! I hope I've inspired you in some way or another. 
(Let me know which ones are your favorite!)

Please visit the Designers Craft Connection for more Gwen Studios Ribbon and Applique idea's! 


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