Fun at the Fair!

I got a letter in the mail yesterday from the OC Fair letting me know that I am to be presented a award on August 7th at the OC fair for my 1st place/ Division Winner Tiara! I'm so excited! Should I wear a another tiara creation when accepting my award?

That yellow ribbon is such a "happy" color...don't you think? :)

And here is my 1st crazy quilt as displayed...I'm proud to receive honorary mention!

Last week when I took Dyllan to the fair, it was just the two of us so I made it a day for him. I got him a $25 ride band that let him have unlimited rides until 8pm. He must have rode all that he could for 6 solid hours!
We met with my friend Teresa and her daughter Sydney who was in a kids dance troupe. We watched them dance and then the two went on this water ride....

They had to leave to pick up visiting family at the airport while Dyllan went on to have the day of his life!

We played a few games and he made out like a bandit on all the things he won!

As for things to eat, I did succumb to the tantalizing smells and gave in to some monster onion rings that we shared. But I did not order from the "Heart Attack Cafe"...check out their warning sign...

The deep fried butter from what I heard was a stick of butter covered in cream cheese then deep fried. The chocolate covered bacon actually sounds pretty tasty!

I'll pass on the frog legs but maybe next time I'll try the deep fried Klondike bar...

Of course my favorite is always the deep fried artichokes...yum!


I Won 1st Place at the County Fair!

Yesterday I took Dyllan to the OC Fair to se how my fair entries did.
We met up with a friend to watch her little girl dance and then to get Dyllan a all you can ride wristband for up to 8pm. Dyllan and I got to the fair about 1:30pm and left at 9:30pm.
He rode rides and played games for 6 solid hours!
He won (all by himself) a large dinosaur, a fluffy white bear, a cute monkey and a light sword. I won 2 (cute) plush fish.
We ate before we came (wise move) and snacked on home brought fruit, snacks and free hand outs- like motts apple juice and apple sauce!
Near the end when we were getting ready to leave I did buy us some ginormous onion rings...delish!
Even though the day was all about Dyllan, we went to see how my entries did. My crazy quilt (above) placed Honorable mention! That's like 4th place! It's my 1st crazy quilt and I completed it in 3 days! It almost never was...as my Mother in Laws memorial got moved back a week and my time was spent getting the house ready for new appliances and my trip. Plus I could not use a machine...the premise was to completely hand sew it! It is 25"x33" and I was still sewing on the day it needed to be delivered.
I'm looking forward to adding some extra details to the quilt when I get it back before hanging up in my studio.

Faerie Tiara
I completely hand wire wrapped this tiara. Every little detail was all wire wrapped from the pearls to the itty bitty beads.

I'm REALLY excited with how this came out! And happy the judges loved it!

This piece won 1st place and Division winner!
Right next to the tiara at the fair is a big "fluffy" yellow ribbon!

I can't wait to go back in early August with Brian and Dyllan...this way I can leisurely walk around (on my own).... :)


A easy Up Cycled craft to hold "stuff"

We are a single income family and the money I make selling my art through my etsy shop really only pays for kicks and giggles. I love to visit flea markets and places like Ikea, but leave feeling heartbroken over the fact that I can't buy the things we need. I long to find a place where I can take a class, learning how to simply make book and storage shelves (using their tools of course) but in the mean time, I recycle what I can find. Or in this case "Up Cycle" .
During Girl Scout cookie season, I raided my neighbors recycle bins for the empty boxes. I was on a mission to make some practical storage units for Dyllan's dress up stuff.

So I used packing tape to secure all the boxes together, tearing off the cardboard I did not need. Then I used some colorful paper Dyllan's Kindergarten teacher gave me to cover the boxes. Since the paper bleeds easily, I plan to add a coat of Mod Podge to the finished piece when I'm fully done.

I took a oatmeal container that I covered for a past project and cut it a 1/4 way near the top. Then I taped it securely to the sides of the boxes to hold swords.
I plan to let Dyllan write signs as to what bin should hold. (we are still working out the details)

I should have a better mindset (of everything and be more current in posting) by the end of August.
I just got back last Saturday from a 2 week road trip with Dyllan and came home to a new refrigerator, washer/ dryer and (FINALLY) new lights above our dining table!
So our house is cluttered.
More than usual. :)
I have some new/old kitchen wares I acquired when Brian's Mom passed away late June, and now I have to sort through my current stuff to make room and see what I want to sell at a garage sale I'm hosting late August.

We are also getting ready to paint the kitchen/dining room and downstairs bathroom the 2nd week of August. On top of that I have to sort my studio as I'm selling a TON of arts and craft stuff. I hope to use the money I make from the sale for Christmas gifts.

Tomorrow (Wed. July 21) I'm taking Dyllan to the OC Fair! I can't wait as I entered two items. My 1st crazy quilt (ever!) and a hand beaded wired wrapped Faerie Tiara. I'm anxious to see how they look and and enjoy a exciting day with the little guy. :)

I'll let you know how it went, and hopefully share some exciting news with you!
Have fun with this craft and see you soon!


Still time to win!

I just got back from my vacation today and boy am I tired! I can't wait to sort through all the photo's and show you some highlights! (Above) is a peek of a project I created for this blog.
I hope you'll come and check it out! I just started working with them!
I post 4 times a week and at this moment am having a give away of a complete album kit (minus the album) with all the papers, embellishments and more... for all your scrapbook memories!
I'm picking a winner July 19th, so I hope you come by soon and leave some comments!
Memory Keeping Collection



Summer Cone

If you would like to learn how you can make this festive cone, please visit my craft blog here!

I'm going on vacation from the 6th-17th , but the craft blog will have automatic postings for you to visit, checking out idea's and more craft tutorials!

Plus the more you visit the craft blog, leaving comments, the more chances you have to win a pizza box filled with enough paper, embellishments and supplies to make your own album, (minus the album)!
I will select a winner on July 19th!

Internet service is limited where I'll be staying, but I'll have my laptop to keep in touch via e-mail or FB whenever I can.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!


July. July. July

This will be the most insane month for me!
I have since dropped off two items in the mail for a silent auction during this months CHA. I can't go to this one because 1- it's in Chicago ,I live in CA, and 2-it falls on our son's 6th birthday.

So can't miss that one, but I'm happy to have a opportunity to have some things there. I'll post pics in the middle of this month.
Today I dropped off two items for the local Orange County fair. One hand wire wrapped beaded Faerie Tiara and one completely hand stitched baby crazy quilt. My first. Ever!

Tuesday, My Mom, Dyllan and I embark on a 10 hour road trip up north to visit family and will be back on the 17th. The web service I'll have is in hotels on the way up and on the way down.
I'll try to keep you updated the best I can with little bits from the trip.
And I will also try to post a fun craft for you to do before I go.

When we get back we have one short week before heading south to visit family, just Dyllan and I and to also go to Comic Con!

Then back a few days to prep for Dyllan's 6th Birthday party!

So as you can see, it's going to be a whirlwind of me popping in here and there for this month.
But feel free to visit me here, on face book and even on my new blog where I write about scrapbooking and then some.... Come check it out! You might win something!
Because if you leave a comment, (on any of the postings) I'll add your name to a drawing to win a pizza box filled with enough materials to complete a scrapbook album (minus the album)- perfect for beginners...paper, card stock, embellishment, adhesive...and more!
The more comments you leave the more chances you have to win!
So come on over and have some fun!
I will pick a winner on July 19th.
Thanks! and Good Luck!

(or if I don't hear from you...see you in August!


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