Face Painting by Michelle

 Hi Welcome! 

It's not just face painting... it's art on your face!  

Face Painting is a great idea for every type of party and fun for all ages! 

Why hire me? 

  • I am a self taught artist, quick to learn new designs and techniques.
  • I have 15 + years working with young children.
  • I am creative, engaging and I love color! 
  • I work at a school.
  • I am a Mom.

I love chatting with the kids and painting something I know they will love.

Based on how many kids you have at your party and the length of time you hire me to be your face painter, 
know that everyone is different....
which means my designs may vary from face to face but still turn out awesome! 

can do arm designs, cheek art, half or full-face painting as time allows.

I use only FDA approved professional cosmetic body paints and glitter.*
(*all can be removed easily with soap and water)

I sanitize the brushes and refresh the water for each person to be painted.

I do ask to please have a space or area set aside on a flat solid surface on cement or blacktop and in the shade for me to setup. 
No Grass, sand, dirt or rocky surfaces due to safety concerns.
I would also like to have a well lit area or access to a outlet for after the sun sets.

I typically arrive 15-20 before my start time to find parking and to setup. 

Feel free to contact me for availability and a price quote and any questions.
Please put in the subject line,  Face Painting - so its easier to spot. Thanks!
I typically respond with in 24 hours or less.

Here are just some of the designs I offer. 
I update this every couple of weeks so be sure check in to see what's new!








* Coming in Spring of 2023!
Arts & Craft Parties for all ages!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for new event updates!

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