You are invited to a new Charm/ATC swap!

Please join me in the first swap of 2016
Theme: Native American Jewelry

Premise: Make any Jewelry -Native American

Can be earrings, rings, chokers, pendants, pins, hair clips, mini dream catchers or cuffs.
Inspiration: Silver, turquoise, beaded, feathers, totem animals- wolf, bear, eagle...., arrows,
See this Pintrest board for inspiration.

Whatever you make, please make it quality and wearable.
Please include: coordinating ATC's. (2 ½" x 3½")
Individually wrap or bag your swap pieces.

Open to the 15 participants.

Please have your packages post marked by April 1st, 2016

Shipping is $13 and will be shipped priority.
Payment for shipping can be cash, check or paypal ( please use friends /family- or send $13.65.)

Discover your native American name (for fun*) and send it to me with your sign up- by email.
 If you are new to our swaps, I'll also need your mailing info and B-day.
Feel free to join our FB group too!
See past swaps here.


Long Beach Flea Market Fun!

Last month, I went to the Long Beach Flea Market with my friend Susan. We bought little things here and there, but mostly we just wanted to walk around, relive childhood memories and get some exercise. It was a beautiful day for it too!
Cast iron skillet heaven, vintage glass, a cactus made of horseshoes, old mink coats,  easy bake oven....

Vintage typewriters, old refrigerator and stove tops. The oven were so tiny!

Lots of memories with vintage Tupperware and corning ware. Elvis was there, lots of patches, marbles, Rainbow Brite! old cameras, mixers....


Mermaid Charm Swap Reveal!

 Here's a swap I hosted last year with the theme, Mermaids. 
Once again the participants wowed me with their diverse and amazing talent!

By Ashani Samuel

By Barbara Moore

By Carol Hoffmann

By Fawndolyn Valentine

By Glenda Hart

By Ilene Harris

By Joanne Alexander

By Kathleen Ellis

By Katy Neibel

By Lee Tee

By Maria Soto

By Michelle Frae Cummings

By Paisley AcMoody

By Robyn Olszowy

By Sarah Carlson

By Shelia Goldsberry

By Wanda Stivison
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Coloring Hearts

 This months theme for the Designer Crafts Connection group is Valentine Day Projects.
 I'm not so much into hearts as some people, but I do love hearts in Art.

I recently received "Art of Coloring Patterns"  from Leisure Arts.
When the trend for "adult" coloring books started...I was reluctant to join in on the fun.
As a Artist and illustrator myself, it felt weird to color in the designs created by someone other than myself.
 But I was intrigued.
 The designs were captivating, mesmerizing and inviting.
Leisure Arts coloring book papers are thicker than most, so your colors do not bleed through to the next design.  Plus the pages are perforated at the binding so you can easily remove them to frame your "Art". 
Even better? The cost.  All of their coloring books are $5 to $10!

For this design, I used the following:
Art of Coloring Patterns 
 8"x11" paper
A colored pencil.
Assorted markers and pens, thick to thin tips.

Fold your paper in half and draw half a heart.
 Cut out and unfold.
Trim heart to desired shape.
Place heart onto coloring book page and trace with the colored pencil.
 Everyone has their own way of coloring, but for me, I start with one color.
Keeping within the traced heart design,  I colored this and that with the lightest shade first switching up to the darker shades as I worked.
Then onto the next color, and other designs.
Saving the glitter pens for last. :)

See more Valentines Day projects here!


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