February 1, 2016

Coloring Hearts

 This months theme for the Designer Crafts Connection group is Valentine Day Projects.
 I'm not so much into hearts as some people, but I do love hearts in Art.

I recently received "Art of Coloring Patterns"  from Leisure Arts.
When the trend for "adult" coloring books started...I was reluctant to join in on the fun.
As a Artist and illustrator myself, it felt weird to color in the designs created by someone other than myself.
 But I was intrigued.
 The designs were captivating, mesmerizing and inviting.
Leisure Arts coloring book papers are thicker than most, so your colors do not bleed through to the next design.  Plus the pages are perforated at the binding so you can easily remove them to frame your "Art". 
Even better? The cost.  All of their coloring books are $5 to $10!

For this design, I used the following:
Art of Coloring Patterns 
 8"x11" paper
A colored pencil.
Assorted markers and pens, thick to thin tips.

Fold your paper in half and draw half a heart.
 Cut out and unfold.
Trim heart to desired shape.
Place heart onto coloring book page and trace with the colored pencil.
 Everyone has their own way of coloring, but for me, I start with one color.
Keeping within the traced heart design,  I colored this and that with the lightest shade first switching up to the darker shades as I worked.
Then onto the next color, and other designs.
Saving the glitter pens for last. :)

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