Deflecto Blog Hop and Giveaway

Deflecto was kind enough to provide myself and other designers with a cube organizer and acrylic frame so we can show you that these supplies but can be used for so much more than office use.

I have been wanting to try a broken CD craft for a while. The black border of the frame was the perfect inspiration!

Materials used:
  1. One 5"x7" acrylic frame by Deflecto 
  2. Assorted CD's
  3. Sharp heavy duty scissors.
  4. A soft washcloth.
  5. Protected surface and bowl. 
  6. Aleena's fast grab tacky glue.
  7. Paper plate and q-tip.
1. Use the washcloth to firmly grasp the CD while cutting. This also eliminates  fingerprints and  any sharp edges. Cut the CD into mosaic shaped pieces.

2. The CD with start to separate while cutting. This is fine. Sort the pieces, careful not to touch the metallic shapes with your fingers, you don't want fingerprints.

CD pieces intact.                                            ... Top transparent layer                              ...Bottom metallic layer.
 3.  Place some glue onto the paper plate and use the q-tip to apply glue to the backside of the mosaic shapes. Arrange in place on the black border of the frame, one-by-one.  If you accidentally get glue where you were not intending to- use a wet napkin immediately to remove the adhesive before it dries.

4.  Fill in as much space with the larger pieces then carefully trim the shapes to fit the smaller spaces. Be precise when trimming at the individual metallic layer of the CD is extremely brittle and breaks off easily.

 5.   The end result is fantastic! 
 6.  The way the light hits the CD fragments...never the same gleam of color! So magical!

 Here I have decorated a 8 1/2"x2" Deflecto nameplate. I made my name graphic with a Free sign creator here.

I decorated the front drawers of the cube to reveal what is stored inside. Now I have my extra embellishments for ready to go decorating!
 I hope you were inspired by what I made. If you'd like to make your own decorative frame and cube, Deflecto is offering an incredible giveaway!
All you have to do to win your own cube organizer and frame is comment on as many designer blogs as you can, "like" the Deflecto Facebook page then enter using the Rafflecopter widget that is on the DCC blog @ www.designercraftsconnection.blogspot.com

Good Luck, I hope you find lots of inspiration!


Ornamental Rings with Jewelry Clay

 So this month some craft designers and I have joined up with Enviro Tex to show you some creative things you can make with resin, and jewelry clay.

 I am in-love with this Jewelry Clay!
It starts of soft and air dries to a nice hard finish. Easy enough to do in 1 day!
The package comes with a two part clay component to and gloves.
Additional tools I recommend are:
  • Better fitting gloves for mixing the clay.
  • Baby Powder for coating your gloves so the clay does not stick.
  •  A plastic picnic knife to portion equal amounts of "A" and "B" for mixing.
  •  Floral or styrofoam to hold the ring upright later. 

 For the Easter ring I used the following:
  • A deep bezel ring
  • Little chick trinket
  • Small colorful rhinestones
  • Fine green glitter and a paintbrush.
  1. .Mix equal amounts of A and B until uniform in color. Roll in the palm of your gloved hands and then place into the ring. Add chick to center and gently push down.
  2.   Add rhinestones around the chick, gently pushing them slightly into the clay.
  3. Dust exposed areas with generous amounts of the green glitter.
  4. Place ring upright in foam and leave to to cure over night.
 Now you have a adorable ring to wear in the springtime!

After seeing this past ETI ring tutorial, it inspired me to search for mini tea cups.  So I sifted through my Faerie Garden miniatures and found something just right. I added the miniature key to give the whole ensemble a quaint Alice in Wonderland feel.

 I placed the mixed clay into the ring bezel, then I pressed down the saucer briefly. This way I could see where to dust the clay with glitter. Then I re-pressed the saucer into place, added a small bit of clay onto the bottom of the tea cup and pressed onto the saucer.  Later after everything had cured, I affixed the key with some adhesive. 

 I had recently posted a crystal ring tutorial this year using e6000. But I have to tell you that the Jewelry Clay works so much better! 
 The clay held the crystals in place easier as I worked.
  Before setting in foam to cure I dusted the exposed clay with iridescent dust. 
 So there are 3 crazy fun rings you can make with Enviro Tex Jewelry Clay! Now for the best part....Enviro Tex is offering the items you see below in a amazing giveaway! You can enter for a chance to win here.
When you are done entering, check out more Jewelry Clay and Resin idea's here! 
Good Luck!


Lego Storage using Tilt Bins

 Lego's are huge thing on our home. Not just for Dyllan but for me as well! They are fun to build, take apart, sort and build some more! But sometimes the fun is lost when you are sorting through the "big" bins looking for a mini figurine, accessory, plant life or other special piece.

So I resorted to Deflecto Tilt Bins!
They are a lifesaver! They can be mounted on the wall or stacked on a table as we did here.

 The bins are interlocking, which is awesome, and tilt easily but are able to be removed as needed. 
The bins also come with paper slips to categorize your bins, these slide into a slot at the front.
Deflecto Tilt Bins can be found at the following locations:
Office Depot
Sams Club

 You can see more Deflecto storage idea's on Face Book and on their blog.

 So what will you store in your Deflecto Tilt Bins?


Like this mini figurine display? You can view the tutorial here. :)
Thanks for stopping by!


Comic Con San Diego July 2015

This past July I attended Comic Con in San Diego with my son and friends. We had a great time!
I noticed less people dressed up than the previous year. I was expecting to see lots of Star Wars characters with the new movie coming out this December.
But either way, we had a great time!



If you are interested in attending a future Comic or Wonder Con,  visit this link on how to obtain a member badge.


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