Handmade Face Masks for Sale

 I am making masks! 
For -Peace of Mind and Sanity.
For gardening, crafting and errands.

and I having a SALE! 

If you are looking to purchase masks for you, your family, friends or work crew...
Know that the masks are made solely by Me. 

All cutting, sewing, communication and shipping is all me. 

My turn around is usually 3-5 days, 

Sometimes I need to take a few breaks 
and sometimes my sewing machine needs a rest as well. 
- Its a vintage 1973 Kenmore and still runs great!

I take great pride in what I make and sell.
I'm patient and will go with the flow until we find something that works for you.

Click here for Mask ordering details and available fabrics. 

Feel free to ask!
 I'm happy to help!


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