How to make a Faux Flaming Heart Tin

Hi Everyone,
     As you know, I love, love, love anything to do with Mexican Folk Art.
There is just something so classic and romantic with the embossed tin look.
Doesn't this look like the real deal? Can you believe its not?
Follow the instructions below to create your own....so easy...You'll love it!
Supplies used:
  1. Silver/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
  2. Ruby/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
  3. Violet/Violet Starstuck Foiled Paper
  4. Marigold/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
  5. Copper/Gold Glossy Foiled Paper
  6. 12" x 12" Chipboard
  7. 6" x 6" 
  8. Pencil
  9. Hot glue gun with narrow tip
  10. Tacky glue
  11. Q-tips and a blunt embossing tool
  12. Embossing folder and machine
  13. Modeling paste
  14. Colored permanent markers in Yellow, light green and dark green.
  15. Scissors and craft knife
Starting with the 6x6 square, draw a design with pencil similar to mine. A border, a heart and rays of light. No need for perfection since we just need a general 'idea'  of where the heart should go. Use the hot glue to trace the border, nice and thick and straight (as possible) rays of light. 
Slather the square and hard lines of glue with your adhesive. Use your fingers to push the tacky glue into every area. Wash your hands before going onto the next step.
Cut a piece of the Silver foil larger than the square itself. Place foil onto the glue  and use the base of your palm to quickly press the foil down over the whole area. Glue the extra foil onto the back of the square. Use a Q-tip to gently press the foil along the lines of hardened hot glue. If you press too hard, the foil will tear. 
Color in the rays as shown with yellow pen first, then the light green. 
Finish coloring with the darker green pen.
Hand cut or die cut a heart from the Ruby foil and one slightly larger from the Violet starstuck foil. Emboss the heart and fill the back of the heart with modeling paste. This will dry hard and preserve the embossed design of the heart. Glue the two hearts together. Cut flame like strips from the Marigold and Copper foil, flipping some flames to reveal the gold backside of the foiled paper. Adhere these flames to the heart duo before attaching all to the center of the rays. 
Trace the square onto the larger chipboard. Then draw your design. As you did earlier, trace the design with the hot glue gun. 
When the glue is cool to touch, use the craft knife to cut away any mistakes. Don't worry too much about all those glue trails, you won't see them under the foil.
Repeat the same process you did earlier for the smaller square. Make sure to cover the entire square/design with glue. 
Alternate between the Q-tip and embossing tool to bring out the design. Use soft pressure as not to tear the foil. 
Use the tacky glue to adhere the middle square in place and press down gently. Leave this flat to set over night before displaying on a mantle or hanging on a wall. 

So, what do you think? Let me know in comments. Thanks!
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Garden Journal Book

There is just something so  rewarding to see what you planted, come to life! 
I created this garden journal to help me remember what and when I planted, as well as illustration my garden as it comes to life.

You will need:

  • Joy Embroidered Iron-On Letter Sheet- in Aqua or White (if you want to color your own).
  • Tacky Glue
  • Notebook with pages and pockets
  • Floral Washi tape


See the full tutorial here.


Blank Page Muse April Challenge- Blue Fairy Card

Hi Everyone!
     This months group challenge on the Blank Page Muse blog is "Black and White. + One Color".
My interpretation of the theme is this Blue Fairy card. Enjoy!

  1. Corset Wire Dress Form Stamp
  2. Small Butterfly Stamp
  3. Dandelion Burst Background Stamp
  4. Black ink pad
  5. Turquoise ink pad and marker
  6. Turquoise crepe paper
  7. Black and white cardstock
  8. Double stick tape, adhesive and foam tape.

Cut your card to size and ink the edges with the turquoise ink.
Stamp the inner white card with the Dandelion stamp and adhere to the a piece of black cardstock.
Mat this onto your inked card front.

Stamp the dress form with black ink twice onto white cardstock. Trim just the corset from one of the stamped images, keeping the other one whole.
Stamp the butterfly with the turquoise ink twice. Cut them out and then in half.
Ready a 2 ½ " x 6" piece of crepe paper for later.

Adhere one set of the butterfly wings to the back of the dress form before adhere to the card.
Place pieces of tape at the lower part of the corset and add the crepe paper, pleating it as you press it into the tape. Cut off any extra crepe paper.

Glue the remaining butterfly wings to the dress form, directly over the existing wings. 
Add small pieces of foam tape to the dress form as shown. Place the corset on top and color in with the marker. 

Thanks for coming by to see my card! I hope you like it! 
Please visit the blog here, to see what the other designers created with this theme. 
You can even add your own creation for a chance to win a gift card to the shop!


How to make Roses with Foiled Paper

My newest project made with Rinea Foiled Papers is making Roses! You can use them on cards, packages, party decor and more! See the tutorial here!  


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