Dyllan's new chore chart

When it comes to chores, it gets hard to figure out what is age appropriate. You can browse the internet until you are blue in the face looking for idea's or you can go here. I made up mine with scrapbook school themed paper and sized it to 8 1/2" x 11". This way all I need to do it slide it in a clear protector sheet, put it on the fridge and use a dry erase pen to mark off duties done. At the end of a week, he gets a fair amount of money reward.
What kind of chore chart works well for your kids?


There's a Dragon with a Rattlesnake tail in the Desert!

Artist Ricardo Breceda is the man behind this amazing sculpture along with 129 other metal sculptures all over Borrego Springs, CA. Dyllan and I were there a couple if weeks ago to visit my mom who lives in the valley. We braved the 115* fluke heat to see this newest creation!

Most of the creations can be read about here.
The map still need to updated with some new additions including some grape pickers.

I think the workmanship on the dragon is just amazing. and while this is not a true ancient desert dweller, it fits right in as it's a wonderful piece of fantasy art work!

Please click on photos to see some amazing detail!

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Desert Heat Blooms

Last week I was in Borrego Springs Ca, and even thought the temp peaked 118* on one day, this still was alive and colorful.


Festive Christmas "Card" Blog Hop!

Here is another fun card I made for the "International" Christmas card blog hop! I used a cuttle bug embossing folder on the red cardstock, and for the white fringe I used these scissors! The ribbon was cut from white fabric and dazzled with iridescent glitter glue. I stamped the joy tag from this stamp set.
I think it took all of 15 minutes to make this classy card. So fun!
Please take a moment to hop around and see some more Christmas card inspiration! :)
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Don't forget to visit this post for your chance to win :

I have extended the entry date for September 9th!


Tuesday Tutorial- "Make your own Leg Warmers!"

I thought this was the coolest idea ever! For both little and big girls.
Step 1 : Buy some inexpensive (pretty patterned) knee high socks.
Step 2: Cut off the feet at the ankle.
Step 3 : Baste the cut edges inside.

So easy! I will never look at knee high socks the same again! :)
Happy Tuesday!


Giveaway Contest : My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software!

I have been recently given the opportunity to "play" with some fabulous digital Scrapbooking software by My Memories!

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I have been having!
This coming from a traditional scrapbooker.
I admit I enjoy the texture of the paper and embellishments in my hands, getting ink on my fingers and stamping designs onto my layouts. But sometimes life gets busy.
Family happenings, art events, social gatherings.
Taking the photo's is not a problem ...it's the digging through my papers and supplies to make one simple layout. Sound familiar? :)

In the past, I was always intimidated by digital scrapbooking, but now days with the amount of time I spend on my computer for social networking or creating my mixed media art work...using this digital software is a breeze!

It is so worth it!
You see how easy it is to use by looking at the layouts I made in this post!
I think I spent more time checking out all the back grounds, add on's and free kits to download than it took to make each page.

My Memories Suite Scrapbook software 2.0
With My Memories Scrapbooking software, you can create not just one page, a double, but a whole album! Don't forget cards, gifts tags and even promotional flyers.
Everything is saved to a Jpeg format, allowing you to print from home, a photo lab or post to your favorite online social site. It's that easy!

Using My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking software, you can easily create pages using their free or super affordable templates and add on's. most under $10.
Everything you add to a page can be sized, rotated and personalized.
You have text boxes to customize your journaling or titles and fun embellishments (paper clips, flowers, stitches- just to name a few) to add whimsy.
Check out some great tutorials here!
or...if you are a video learner, you can see just how easy it is here.

1. Visit the My Memories site and choose your favorite digital paper pack or layout. Then comment here and let me know which one you like.
2. Follow my Blog- for a extra chance to win.
Leave a separate comment for "each" entry.- You may enter as often as you wish!

(optional) If you post about this giveaway on your own blog you'll receive 3 extra entries!

Winner will be chosen Sunday, September 11th. 11:59pm Pacific Standard time.
All entries must have a valid email to contact in the case of winning.

If you don't want to wait for this giveaway, you can use this $10 off promo code
STMMMS96126 and get started creating amazing creations right away!
The biggest appeal of this software is that it's a one time price of $29.97 after you have used the $10 off promo code.
After downloading the software, you can get started right away!
So be sure to enter the promo code upon check out to receive the special price!

Find My Memories at these other great Fan sites!
My Memories Blog
My Memories Face Book
My Memories Twitter

In order to successfully download any free kits or add ons, your My Memories Suite software program must be closed on your computer. After following through with the download process, you will find your items on the My Memories Suite software program in the control panel, under Embellishments. They will be listed under "Designer Embellishments" . This goes for pages or accessories. :)


Dare to Dream - Gypsy Card

Here is this weeks creation for The Robins Nest!
Feel free to visit their blog
to see what materials and mediums
I used in creating this beautiful card. :)


Comic Con 2011 - Part 3 of 3

Here are the last of this years Comic Con photo's!
My Dad lives in Chula Vista, CA. So we always make it part of our summer to visit with him for a week, working it around when we attend this event. He does not live far from a trolley station which we took to the interchange and walked across the bridge below. The bridge is massive and seriously looks like it was leaning. (please click on all the photos for close up details!)
Then we walked from there to the Convention center, which seemed further away because there were so many people, making the walking slow!

I love taking Dyllan's photo with the people we meet. :)

Upper right- is Dyllan with his friend Corbin.

Lego Ninja Go....

The real "Back to the Future" car was there!

OK. So I'm wondering why the heck it's so crowded, on a Sunday, which is supposed to be "kids" day. In order for us to get to point "A" to point "B", I had to make it over to the sides of the convention rooms, near the comic books sellers or bathroom. Here at least there was room to walk. (seriously, click all the photos- this place is not for the claustrophobic)

Then I see this...and as much as I love the show, I'm like seriously? You could have put them in a panel room and we could have avoided all this overcrowded mess. They put FOX in the "middle" of the trade show, where it's already crowded and added the whole cast of "Glee" to the mix. They were doing interviews and such and for those not close enough to see, they had these stacked upon stacked TV screens for all to see. So imagine a ripple effect of stand still crowds, all focused at FOX. Eventually the fire marshal came and told people to move or they would cancel the interview.

Earlier in the day, someone tripped a door alarm or something...and the convention hall lights flickered, the room got kinda dim, and a automated voice came on to be prepared for a evacuation. I took a photo of the crowd and all I can say is "really?" In the case of a 'actual' emergency...can you imagine evacuating this crowd?

That cool contraption below is a movie prop for
3 which comes out in 2012. Whee! We have 1 & 2 and love them both. Here is a fun fan site that has been following the crews taping the movie.

And that's it. The building below was brought to my attention (by Dyllan) when we were nearing the trolley interchange, at the end of the day, station by foot. He liked the reflection of the clouds on the windows, and so do I!

Thanks for coming by. Maybe I'll see you at Comic Con next year!


Comic Con 2011 - Part 2 of 3

I was overjoyed to see some fabulous Steam Punk Characters at Comic Con!
I'm very much into steam Punk and hope to use these photos as inspiration when I create my attire for my first event at the end of this month!
(don't forget to click the photos for a better view!)

Star Wars is another hit, not just with me, but with Dyllan .
Look who we ran into! Kermit the Jedi frog! :)

This VW Passat was decorated entirely with Sharpie markers by Amazing artist,Ken Lashley!

Boba Fett is made out of Lego's!

I like how they tilted the head on this torso...

So that's all of Comic Con for today, but come back tomorrow for all the really fun photo's.
See Ya!


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