How to Make a Plush Owl with Fairfield

 Hi everyone!
I love to sew and I love anything to do with owls, so when I received a very special fun filled box from Fairfield, celebrating their 80th Birthday, I knew just what I wanted to make! -
a Owl of course!
I have even created a free printable pattern for you to follow along and make your own plush owl!
Here we go.....

Here is what you need to make a this plush owl:


  • Download and print the following patterns- 
    Plush Owl Body - Top half & Bottom half 
    - I made the patterns to fit a standard 8 ½" x 11" piece of paper,
    so make sure you select 'fit to printable area' when printing the pattern. 
  • You'll need to print 1 pattern that has the eyes, beak and feathers.
    Then 2 of the other pattern with the crown. 
  • Lay down the 1st pattern onto the 2nd pattern as shown below and secure with tape.

  • For the owl body, you'll need to trace and cut 1 piece from the Luxe fabric and 1 piece from the other fabric.

  • Since the Luxe fabric is furry, place it face down and stitch all the way around, ¼" in.
    This will help keep the stray 'fluff' to minimum as you sew. 
  • Place the 2 fabric together and stitch a  ¼" allowance all the way around.
     Leave a 2" opening at the bottom. 

  • The Poly-fil® will come with a stuffing tool, use this to push out the corners when you turn the body inside out. 

Using the pinking shears, trace and cut the following:
  • 2 eyes from the yellow felt
  • 1 beak from the yellow felt
  • 4 feathers from the fushia felt
  • 4 (slightly smaller) feathers from the Luxe fabric.

  • Use a zig zag and straight stitch to attach the Luxe fabric onto the felt.
    Alternate between the Poly Star and metallic threads.
     (Take time to clean any 'fluff' out of the machine as you sew)

  • Use the Poly Star thread to create a starburst design on the felt eyes. 

  • Hand stitch the buttons onto the felt circles. 

  • Use your sewing machine to attach the owl beak felt piece to the top of the owl body.
  • Flip over and stitch a line across. (see pattern for reference.)

  • Start pushing in some Poly-fil® in the opening of the owl body, pushing up to the stitched line and towards the corners. Use the stuffing tool as needed. 
  • Hand stitch the opening closed. 

  • Fold over the owls head at the stitched line and hand stitch the beak to the body. 
  • Attach the eyes in the same manner.

  • Next, hand stitch 2 wings to each side of the owl body.

For the crown:
Use the provided pattern to trace and cut from the the yellow and fushia felt. 
Stitch the two together using your favorite threads. 
Add a couple of buttons or other sparkly embellishments. 
Make it fabulous!

I hope you liked my project and if you do make a owl or two on your own,
please let me know, I'd love to see it!

See more Fairfield creations here!

Disclosure: I received compensation and/or products in exchange for my crafting services. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the my own.


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