December 4, 2019

Christmas Card Holder

Create your own Christmas card holder during the Holidays with Joy® embroidered letters!

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron-on embroidered letter sheets - White, Bubble
  • 2 Glittered felt sheets
  • Fancy chenille pipe cleaners
  • Web fusing
  • Iron and parchment paper
  • White paint pen and a paper piercer
  • Permanent colored marker
  • Bells or other holiday baubles
  • Hot glue 

 1. From the felt, cut as shown, the front and back of the greeting card holder.

2. Use the web fusing and a hot iron to seal the sides and bottom of the pouch.

3. Add details to the pouch with the paint pen.

4. Color your letters to look like mint candies. 

5. Arrange your letters onto the pouch.

6. Make sure the iron is set for cotton, then use the parchment paper to heat press the letters.

7. Add the rest of the details with the hot glue. Use the paper piercer to poke holes in the felt when you need to attach some embellishments.

You can find Joy® embroidered, iron-on letters and numbers at your favorite craft stores.  If you need a special color, white letters are custom dyeable with markers, paint, dye and more!

November 9, 2019

Tissue Paper Transfer Cards

One of my favorite things to do when creating cards, is to use common household items!
I love showing people that you don't need to spend much money to making something beautiful.
Ready? Lets create!  

Supplies used:

1. Your tissue paper will have 2 sides. A slightly glossy side and a matte side. Place the tissue paper matte side up onto a large piece of card stock. The card stock will absorb any excess ink while you are stamping. 

2. Randomly stamp all over the tissue paper, with the various stamps and coordinating ink pad colors.

3. When you have finished stamping, Place one piece of parchment paper onto the heat proof surface. 

4. Next place your card fronts. If you don't have room for more than 2 cards, consider making a bookmark or small tags instead of wasting the tissue paper! 

5. Carefully lay down the plastic wrap over the cards. Its ok if there are few wrinkles in the wrap- you won't see them in the end.

6. Lay your stamped tissue paper onto the plastic wrap. It doesn't matter the its matte or glossy side up.

7. Lastly, place the 2nd piece of parchment paper on top of the stamped tissue paper.

8. Quickly iron over the parchment paper. Make sure to get all the card corners. 

9. Remove the parchment paper and trim off the excess tissue paper and plastic wrap from the cards. 

10. Trim the cards slightly to fit on a card base. 

11. For good measure, before finishing your cards, sandwich your trimmed cards in parchment paper and iron quickly to set any loose areas. 

12. Adhere to your card blanks and then create some more! 

So much fun, right?

Thanks for coming by, I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and will now try some of your own. 
Feel free to join our Fan Page on Facebook to see what others are doing with our stamps and maybe you too can share your favorite Blank Page Muse projects!

~ Michelle

The Blank Page Muse-

October 23, 2019

Winged Skeleton Halloween Card

Hi Everyone, Michelle here with a card to portray my favorite Holiday...Halloween!
I know it's late, but I could not resist. I hope you'll enjoy and be inspired to create your own!

  • Winged Skeleton and "Dead men Tell No Tales" from Halloween Bingo Stamp Set
  • Dew and Diamond drops
  • Vintage news print
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Assorted washi tapes
  • Pumpkin Smooch
  • precision scissors
  • Black stamping ink
  • Adhesive, foam tape, and a pen.

Start by trimming your scrapbook paper to be a card size of 4"x6".
Next attached several torn pieces of the vintage news print. 
Place some decorative washi tape in the center of the card and some pleat a bit near the bottom.
A few more strips of washi tape were placed on the card before I added decorative detail with the liquid smooch.
Stamp the winged skeleton and the saying onto the back side of the vintage newsprint paper. 
Cut out and color lightly with the smooch.
 I added a criss-cross of washi tape to the center of the card before adding the skeleton with foam tape.

Decoratively add the dew drops and saying.

Happy Halloween! 
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The Blank Page Muse-

October 12, 2019

Day of the Dead Sun Catcher

Hi Everyone! I posted this tutorial a couple of years ago (when Blank Page Muse used to be called Sin City Stamps) and I thought some you might be interested in seeing it again! Especially with Day of the Dead and Sugar Skulls being much more popular than ever before! 

  1. Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls rubber stamp set by Michelle Frae Cummings
  2. Medallions rubber stamp set by Michelle Frae Cummings
  3.  Petals rubber stamp set by Michelle Frae Cummings
  4. Black ink- acid free and non bleeding.
  5. Acrylic block
  6. 12x12 black cardstock
  7. White gift wrap tissue paper.
  8. Clear contact paper
  9. A unique bowl to trace.
  10. Scissors
  11. Pencil
  12. Assorted colored pens that wont bleed.
  13. Black permanent pens in fine and regular tips.
  14. Zig two way glue
  15. Silver craft foil 
  16. Double stick and regular tape.
  17. Something to protect your work space.

 Begin by tracing your bowl onto the cardstock. Carefully cut the traced shape out and discard.
Trim your tissue paper to 12x12. Tape the tissue paper securely to your work space and lightly trace your design.

 If desired, you can use a ruler and pencil to mark off your traced design into four even sections. This will ensure even alignment when stamping.
Stamp your images with the black ink directly onto the tissue paper, careful not to smudge any wet ink.

 When you have finished stamping and the ink is dry, peel off the tape and flip the tissue paper over. Smooth this out and tape the corners and anywhere else so it will not move while coloring.

Always start with your lightest color first. I started with yellow. Then I went onto pink, orange, red,  green then purple.  

When coloring, always let the ink dry before re-applying or the moisture will tear the tissue paper.  I used a blue highlighter to fill in the rest of my design.

After I had finished coloring, I outlined and colored in what was needed with the black pens. Different ink pads vary, so you may not need to do this step. Either way, I think it adds sharpness and  makes the happy colors more vivid.

 When the coloring is all done, cut (2) 12x12 squares from the clear contact paper.  Peel off the backing from one and carefully adhere it to one side of the painted tissue paper.  Repeat on the other side of the tissue paper. - This is basically a cheap version of laminating. 

 Use the double sticking tape to adhere the black cardstock to the most vivid side of your design.
Then draw a folk art like design with your zig glue pen as shown. 

 The glue goes on 'blue' and turns 'clear' when ready for the foil. 

 Place the foil 'shiny-side' up onto the glue and press down, burnishing the foil into the raised glue design with your fingers.  Peel away the foil to reveal the fun!

 Cut away the excess cardstock.
If desired, add some more glue and this time use colored foil.

 Hang in a window for all to enjoy!

Thanks for coming by, I hope you liked my project and liked my stamps!
Leave me a comment here and let me know what you think. :)

For more Sugar Skull Inspiration, click here!

October 1, 2019

Glow in the Dark Halloween Decor

Get a head start on Halloween with easy to make Halloween decor!

You will need:

Joy® embroidered letters -  (1 1/2" Script) **

A black Halloween felt place mat. **
White acrylic paint **
Glow in the dark paint **
Paint brushes **

Items with a ** next to them were found at Michael's Craft Stores.


1. Begin by painting the center design of the felt place mat with white paint. Apply the paint  at least 3 times, letting it dry in between each coat.

2. Use an iron to heat set the letters per the instructions on the package.

3. Paint the letters carefully with the glow in the dark paint. 
2-3 coats of paint should do the trick.
4. Next paint your center design with multiple coats of glow in the dark paint, letting it dry in between coats. 
5. Attach a wire to the top and place under a bright lamp to activate the "glow". 
 Then turn out the lights for a 'spooky' good time! 
Happy Halloween!

See more Joy® embroidered creations here

Joy® embroidered script, monogram letters are available in different sizes in white or black. White letters can be colored to coordinate with any d├ęcor. 

September 26, 2019

Mexican Folk Art - Miniature Shrine Swap

 You are invited to a Mexican Folk Art- 
Miniature Shrine Swap!

The premise:
Use small 32 ct. matchboxes as the start of your shrine. 
(you can find these in packs of 10 at Walmart for less than $6)

The theme of this swap is "Mexican Folk Art"
This can be Day of the Dead, Frida, Our Lady of Guadalupe, floral, Milagros or other Mexican art!
Use any medium as long as it is durable and artfully made. 

As shown below, each shrine must not exceed 2 ½" x 3" and a depth of a  ½".

Each shrine must also include a wire or string loop somewhere at the top.
This is so it can be displayed on a wall, tree or worn - if desired. 

I have created a board on Pintrest for you to draw inspiration from.

No ATC's are required with this swap, but I ask that you personalize the back of each shrine with your name, date and any other info. 

This is a time sensitive swap. 
Sign ups begin now and close on October 1st, midnight.
All packages are due in my hands no later than Saturday October 26th, 2019. 

To join this swap, please message me by e-mail or  join our Facebook group,

Final head count for this swap will be emailed no later than October 4th. 
Return shipping is determined by participation. 

Feel free to see some of our past swaps here. 

Hope you can join in on the fun!


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