Rinea Foil Greeting Cards

Hi everyone!
Recently I was gifted with some specialty foils from Germany called Rinea foils. 
Let me just start off by telling you that these foils are amazing! They are thin, but not so thin that they tear easily. They have more of a paper quality that can be cut with decorative and regular scissors, or die cut. The foils can also be embossed by hand or with a machine.

My inspiration for these cards came from my love of Iris folding. Only with these foils, there is no need to "fold" as foil is so perfect as is!

Supplies used:
  1. Rinea Foils
  2. A printed Iris folding pattern (free online). 
  3. Prepared blank cards plus extra cardstock for inside of card.
  4. Scissors
  5. Clear tape, double sided tape and some removable tape (painters tape).
  6. Adhesive
  7. A pencil and glitter gel pens
As you can see, the foils are gorgeous. Some are readily embossed....

While some are ready for 'you' to emboss or leave plain.

The foils are also double sided. Some with the same color, some with a bright gold.


1.  Print out your pattern to be smaller than the front of your card.
2.  Center the pattern and trace the outline with a pencil, pressing into the card.
3.  Reinforce the trace with a pencil and carefully cut the circle out. You can now use the circle or whatever shape you decide on, to trace for more than one card.

4.  Before you can begin working with the foils, you need to have your tape ready. Attach pieces of the clear tape to something where you can get to them easily. I used a oversized clipboard. I had 18 spaces on my pattern to cover so I  made sure to have double that in tape ready plus some extra pieces.

5.  Place the pattern over the top of your card so the design peeks through the hole. Hold it in place with one piece of removable tape- this will act as a 'hinge' to check your progress.

6.  Your pattern spaces are numbered. You'll want a different color of foil per number.
7. Open your card so the pattern is showing through the outside of the card.
You can now start adding your foils.

  • Cut strips of foil so that it is a little longer than the opening.
  • Line up a strip of foil with the inside edge of the area labeled with a "1"
  • Tape both ends of the strip of foil face down to the card as shown- the backside of the purple foil is gold.
  • Repeat with your next color foil for #2.
  • Occasionally close your card to check your progress, lifting the pattern back on its 'tape' hinge. 
  • Continue on with the 3rd foil for #3.
  • Before you add your center foil, use any leftover tape strips to secure loose edges of the other foils. 
  • Add the center piece with full strips of tape. 
  • Place long strips of the double sided tape over the foil and at the edges of the card. Affix your extra cardstock in place to hide your work.
  • Close your card and remove the pattern. Add any additional foil shapes with adhesive and accent the card with your gel pens.
Here are some variations.....

After I completed the bottom card, I used a dull pencil to draw some designs into the foil.
Thanks for coming by! I hope you liked my cards as much as I enjoyed making them!
Be sure to visit The Designer Crafts Connection blog to see more foil creations.
Then enter for a chance to win an amazing prize pack of 20 sheets of Rinea foil to play with!
Good luck!


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