Fun with Old paint

Last week when, as a creative break from cleaning out the garage, I'd go out side in the patio to play with some old paint. I had found it shoved away in the garage from over 6 years ago! It was not really that good anymore and smelled funny. We put them outside and would stir them daily to help "set" them up before we could dispose of them. Then one day (last week) I got this crazy idea to have some fun....

I laid down a black trash bag and went to town with the orange, smearing it with my hand. I let this dry first before I drizzled each color.

And now I have a disposable masterpiece!

Today I hope to use what's left of the blues and make something else!


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Sunday Post Card Art #2

This is the Post Card I made for a this blog a couple of weeks ago. I have been insane busy since with finishing room paintings and prepping all week for today's garage sale which over. Yea! I made good money and got rid of a lot of stash.

The theme of this post card was mushroom, so I sewed a dimensional piece and included another spider web of course. :) You can see the "House" post card I made here.

I missed making last weeks theme, "Odd Bods" and will start on it tonight (for myself & to share with you) And this weeks theme is "On the dark side"- right up my alley!

The nice thing about these weekly challenges is it's something I can do on downtime,
(feet up after a long day watching a TV show) and I sew them because after a year of making them, I think they would make for a fun quilt!
If you have started making them too...please link back here so I can visit you!


Me & Me,

Sometimes it's fun to go on a letter photo safari. You can find the alphabet most anywhere!

(Locomotives at the L.A.Fair Grounds)
Try it next time you are out and about and maybe slightly bored, but at least you have your camera! When I do this, I usually keep a note pad and pen on hand and so I can keep track of the letters I've found and concentrate on the ones I have not.


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Almost done with Summer (Home) Projects....

I just wanted to fill you in as to where I've been lately.
After my big all month vacation in July, We have been busy prepping and painting our Dining room, Kitchen , downstairs bathroom and Dyllan's upstairs bathroom!

As of today we are done. All the touch ups are completed and today I will be using my handy dandy shark steam cleaner to clean up the mess. We made the bathrooms a pretty blue, which is fitting since we are 20 minutes away from the beach! I hope to create some themed decorations soon!

The dining area and Kitchen are a light green, similar to avocado. I love it! It brings the outside "in" and goes well with our light oak colored cabinets and dining table.

Doing all this painting came at the right time as of last month we got a new fridge, washer dryer, installed lights over the dining table and now (as of last Wed) a new dishwasher! I was almost starting to panic when I realized I had to bring all my junk back in to the house from the garage but reminded myself that I don't have to put everything back where it was before.
I will sort out what I never used for our end of the month HUGE garage sale and enjoy the new color with the old stuff!
Please come back soon to see photo's once it's all back into place!


Scrapbook idea's and Inspiration GIVEAWAY!

I'm not sure if most of you know that I write for Memory Keeping Collection!
Yes! I'm super excited too! I get the honor of blogging weekly with paper crafting notables such as Lisa Bearnson, Eileen Hull, Jennifer Goode, Candice Windham, & Lisa Rojas!

I blog 4 times a week for them. M,T,TH,F.
But because I'm new to this sort of blogging I'm open to idea's! If I use your idea as a blog topic -you get recognition on the my post plus a extra chance to win a scrapbook kit per monthly giveaway on my scrapbook blog.
Other ways to win- are to visit and comment on the post I've done, and to also promote me on your blog!
Since I was gone all July, you still have time to visit those postings along with August for your chance to win. I'll pick the winners for both months at the start of September.

The above photo's post can be found here.

Thanks! and good luck!


Sunday Post Card Art #1

I have been following this blog for some time.
Thinking someday...I'll get around to the challenges.
The thing holding me back was I that I am already up to my arm pits in paper craft projects...
so I decided to sew my challenge. I had recently discovered the wonderful world of crazy quilts and thought, I can do this! And at night while I'm watching the tube (TV)!
So I did. And I am having a marvelous time painting with fabric!
Every Sunday, the organizer post a new theme. This being Houses.
The sizes is always 4x6, hence the name of the blog- Sunday Post Card Art.

I hand stitched everything. The bees were very lightly printed on the fabric so I emphasized them by stitching in black and gold thread. I individually cut out flowers from printed fabric and hand stitched those in place too! I added fun vintage trim and stitched the spider webs as I am hooked on adding them to every crazy quilted piece I do now!
If I can keep up with the themes every Sunday I just may have a new quilt to enter in the fair next year. Won't that be pretty? :)


Westcott and Wyland Charity event

Remember these?
I posted about them a while back.
I made both of them for a Westcott / Wyland Charity Event.

Both pieces were part of a silent auction.
The Mermaid crown sold for $145!
And the Mermaid Dreams -mirror sold for $45!

"Toot! Toot!" for me!
I'm very pleased at how popular my pieces were
and honored to be a part of such a wonderful cause!
Thanks to Marisa Pawelko for organizing everything!



I love how the morning sun illuminates my Mothers cactus on her kitchen window still.

So pretty.


I took a Chipmunk to Comic Con

But before I talk about the Chipmunk...I wanted to show you my new baby. Her name is Lily Rose Shadowlyn. She is a Vamplet, baby Vampyre. I bought with her a bottle of blood too, the kind that dissapears when you turn it upside down! She is so cute! I especially love the bats in her hair! I plan to incorporate her into my Halloween costume this year. Anyone know how to make a spooky baby sling? :)

Here are her two creators. You can see the rest of the Vamplets here!
So now on to that Chipmunk...Last year he was Captain Rex from Clone Wars.
This year he decided he was going to be "Alvin" from Alvin and the Chipmunks.
And he also appointed Me to make the costume. I was hoping to cheat with a store bought outfit but alas...no one carries Chipmunks.

To construct this costume, I made long sleeves and sewed them into a pre -made red T-shirt.
I also made and added the hood. I used stretchy T-shirt material for both the sleeves and hood and too make them, I traced some old clothing onto butcher paper and just adjusted the size.
Same for the furry pants.
(just so you know...it's really hard to find furry fabric in July-
the fabric lady said it's a seasonal item. huh?)
I traced a pair of sweat pants onto butcher paper to make the pattern and then cut fur pants out larger. I lined the inside with left over T-shirt material, added the Yellow "A" to the front and made the tail.
The tail was tricky because when I think of Chipmunks, I think Chip and Dale who have no tails, not the musical sensation chipmunks who have big bushy tail. But I did my best and I think the Costume "Rocked!"

Below is Comic Con in San Diego...huge! And look at that crowd inside!

motorbike from Tron

Meeting up with friends :)

and Star Wars friends....

Dyllan was the ONLY Alvin there, so he was quite the celebrity!
Booth owners snapped his photo, Little girls shrieked his name when they saw him,
and he got lots of cool freebies for his cool costume. Works for me!

If you would like to see "Alvin" in the fur, he will making another appearance this October 12th at Disneyland's Halloween adventure! :)


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