I took a Chipmunk to Comic Con

But before I talk about the Chipmunk...I wanted to show you my new baby. Her name is Lily Rose Shadowlyn. She is a Vamplet, baby Vampyre. I bought with her a bottle of blood too, the kind that dissapears when you turn it upside down! She is so cute! I especially love the bats in her hair! I plan to incorporate her into my Halloween costume this year. Anyone know how to make a spooky baby sling? :)

Here are her two creators. You can see the rest of the Vamplets here!
So now on to that Chipmunk...Last year he was Captain Rex from Clone Wars.
This year he decided he was going to be "Alvin" from Alvin and the Chipmunks.
And he also appointed Me to make the costume. I was hoping to cheat with a store bought outfit but alas...no one carries Chipmunks.

To construct this costume, I made long sleeves and sewed them into a pre -made red T-shirt.
I also made and added the hood. I used stretchy T-shirt material for both the sleeves and hood and too make them, I traced some old clothing onto butcher paper and just adjusted the size.
Same for the furry pants.
(just so you know...it's really hard to find furry fabric in July-
the fabric lady said it's a seasonal item. huh?)
I traced a pair of sweat pants onto butcher paper to make the pattern and then cut fur pants out larger. I lined the inside with left over T-shirt material, added the Yellow "A" to the front and made the tail.
The tail was tricky because when I think of Chipmunks, I think Chip and Dale who have no tails, not the musical sensation chipmunks who have big bushy tail. But I did my best and I think the Costume "Rocked!"

Below is Comic Con in San Diego...huge! And look at that crowd inside!

motorbike from Tron

Meeting up with friends :)

and Star Wars friends....

Dyllan was the ONLY Alvin there, so he was quite the celebrity!
Booth owners snapped his photo, Little girls shrieked his name when they saw him,
and he got lots of cool freebies for his cool costume. Works for me!

If you would like to see "Alvin" in the fur, he will making another appearance this October 12th at Disneyland's Halloween adventure! :)

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laterg8r said...

love that alvin costume, so fun :D


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