Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunday Post Card Art #1

I have been following this blog for some time.
Thinking someday...I'll get around to the challenges.
The thing holding me back was I that I am already up to my arm pits in paper craft projects...
so I decided to sew my challenge. I had recently discovered the wonderful world of crazy quilts and thought, I can do this! And at night while I'm watching the tube (TV)!
So I did. And I am having a marvelous time painting with fabric!
Every Sunday, the organizer post a new theme. This being Houses.
The sizes is always 4x6, hence the name of the blog- Sunday Post Card Art.

I hand stitched everything. The bees were very lightly printed on the fabric so I emphasized them by stitching in black and gold thread. I individually cut out flowers from printed fabric and hand stitched those in place too! I added fun vintage trim and stitched the spider webs as I am hooked on adding them to every crazy quilted piece I do now!
If I can keep up with the themes every Sunday I just may have a new quilt to enter in the fair next year. Won't that be pretty? :)


Annes Art said...

Beautiful fabric card!!

Kelly Sas said...

this would be a really neat quilt idea. Hope you can keep up on it and PLEASE make sure you post it on Fiskateers when/if you do. Thanks!


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