Thursday, August 5, 2010

Custom Scrapbook Kit Give away "Every" Month!

In honor of my new Scrapbook blog, I've recently started writing for... I'm giving away one "Custom" designed Scrapbook kit per month!
June has already been nabbed by one lucky winner
(who chose a vintage inspired kit- photo's to posted soon!)
So that leaves July and August.
There are so many ways you can win!
  1. Visit the blog and leave as many comments as you want from July till the end of August.
  2. Post here, on my FB or send me a e-mail on "topics" you'd like to see me write about. If I use your topic, you'll score a extra chance to win for that month!
  3. Link me some where on your blog about the current giveaway- extra chance there too.
  4. Or include a link to a particular topic I wrote about in your blog post and get a added chance there too!
*Be sure to let me know if you link me anywhere...I want to give you all your chances to win per month! This will go on through out the year.

The above photo's are snippets of July's topics.

Thanks and good luck!

1 comment:

Victoria said...

I was that lucky June winner - I can't wait to get my goodies!! You are so generous!


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