Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday Post Card Art #2

This is the Post Card I made for a this blog a couple of weeks ago. I have been insane busy since with finishing room paintings and prepping all week for today's garage sale which over. Yea! I made good money and got rid of a lot of stash.

The theme of this post card was mushroom, so I sewed a dimensional piece and included another spider web of course. :) You can see the "House" post card I made here.

I missed making last weeks theme, "Odd Bods" and will start on it tonight (for myself & to share with you) And this weeks theme is "On the dark side"- right up my alley!

The nice thing about these weekly challenges is it's something I can do on downtime,
(feet up after a long day watching a TV show) and I sew them because after a year of making them, I think they would make for a fun quilt!
If you have started making them too...please link back here so I can visit you!


Cameron said...

Oooo...I love little toadstoolies! This turned out great!

....and congrats on a successful garage sale...sometimes you never know how good they'll be :)

Christine said...


Mandy C said...

this is super gorgeous. i love to see fabric art. im sorry you missed the challenge... but please join in this week Michelle!

I'll add you to the blog roll ;-)

mandy x

Jackie said...

Michelle, this is a stunning piece of work - I always admire anyone who can produce such fabulous results using fabric.

Darlene said...

Great postcard!!! Welcome to the group.


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