Handmade Owl Gift Cards

The theme this month is "Handmade Gifts".
What better gift than a Owl gift card set?
Materials used:
  1. These Owl Rubber Stamps.
  2. Colorful paper. I used Gelli-printed paper scraps.
  3. Black ink.
  4. Zig glue pen.
  5. Colorful foil transfer sheets
  6. Scissors
  7. Foam tape
  8. Glitter gel pens
  9. Blank cards.

 Stamp your owls onto your colored paper.

 Decide where you want your foil to be, then apply your glue pen.
It goes on blue and dries to a tacky finish when clear.
You want your glue to be clear and tacky for the foil.
 Your foil will be shiny on one side and matte on the other.
 Place the foil matte side down onto your tacky glue.
Press down gently with your finger onto all the glue areas. Then peel the foil away rather quickly.
If the foil did not stick to a certain spot, add more glue.
 Alternate with different foils.

Re-use the foil sheets until they are void of color and all sticky areas on the owls are covered.

 Use foam to adhere your owls to the cards. Embellish with the gel pens.
The two flowers you see above are from this stamp set.

 I prefer to leave the cards sentiment free so people can write their own.

 The owl above is accompanied by this Medallion stamp.

Bundle all the cards together with a pretty ribbon or yarn.
 Great gifts for teachers, family and friends.
Thanks for coming by!
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