Rainbows and Sparkles with Gwen Studios

 Hi Everyone! 
I'm so excited to show you these new ribbons and appliques from Gwen Studios! 
The colors are so bright and cheery, I just had too much fun creating!

  As you can see, the assortment of ribbons and appliques are just so much fun!
 Look at those yummy colors! 


To make the backpack zipper pull, you will need the following:

Select the colors you want to adorn your Mermaid.
Fold the ends over and secure with hot glue.
This will deter any unraveling of the ribbon. Do this at both ends of the ribbons and adhere with the hot glue to the back of your Mermaid.

Following the simple instructions that come with the Snap Setting Tool, attach your snaps to about 3" of ribbon.
 With the hot glue, adhere to the back of your Mermaid at the top. 
Then attach your Mermaid zipper pull to your backpack or purse!  

The same technique as posted above using ribbon and the Snap Setting Tool can be used to attach Gwen Studio Appliques to your favorite shoes! 


It doesn't matter how young you are or how old you feel, Rainbows will always make us happy and full of hope. Just like this Rainbow- hairclip holder! 
Make one today!

All you need is:

Select and cut 7 colors of ribbon, ranging in length of  12" - 24".  Glue in place on the back of the Rainbow. Don't forget to glue the ends as you did with the zipper pull. Attach a loop of ribbon at the top for hanging.

Hang in a sunny spot and attach your favorite hair clips. Don't you just love those shooting stars? You can see how I made the Rhinestone hairclips here. 
All of the Gwen Studios product in this post can be purchased online and in-store at Walmart. 

Thanks for coming by! I hope I've inspired you in some way or another. 
(Let me know which ones are your favorite!)

Please visit the Designers Craft Connection for more Gwen Studios Ribbon and Applique idea's! 


Holiday Candy Jars with Gwen Studios Die Cut Ribbon

One of my favorite things to do during the Holidays 
 is to fill unique jars with delightful treats, - from cookies, candy, to cocoa and teas, 
treat filled jars are an inexpensive gift that keeps on giving! 

These new Die Cut Ribbons from Gwen Studios 
will help you transform a plain jar into something 'magical'!

Here are the new Die Cut Christmas Ribbons from Gwen Studios. Aren't they gorgeous?
This photo definitely does not do the ribbons any justice...you'll need to see them in person, which you can,  because they are available right now at Walmart - locally and online! 

For the treat jars, I used the following Gwen Studios ribbons:

 I used permanent double stick tape to affix the ribbon to the jars. 

Then I tied an assortment of these Christmas Ribbons to the hinge of each jar.

For fun, I decorated this old jam jar with Gwen Studios- 
 Christmas Ribbon, Die Cut Cute Green Christmas Trees and colorful sequins!

The next time you are at your local Walmart, be sure to visit the ribbon isle to stock up on the new Christmas Die Cut Ribbon for all your Holiday crafts! 

See more creative "Die Cut Ribbon" inspiration on the Designer Crafts Connection Blog! 

Sugar Skull Shrines

 I had a fabulous time this last weekend, teaching this make and take with Blank Page Muse at the Scrapbook Expo in Ontario, California!

My stamps were a huge hit and people were saying that they loved making the shrines!

- if you would like to check out my stamp line or see what other stamps are available, visit-
And use code : BPMMichelle
to save %15 off your total order!


DIY Bridal Accessories with Gwen Studios

 Weddings don't need to cost a lot of money and there is no need to hire anyone to make your dream a reality. These gorgeous ribbons and trims from Gwen Studios can help you make the most of your day.
From a ribbon boutonniere or small bouquet, to an embellished headband. 
You too can create the perfect Wedding!

As you can see, I received a gorgeous array of fabric, ribbon and fancy trim.
Beautiful soft pinks, lavender and lots of sparkle available exclusively at your
local Walmart and online at 

Making the Boutonniere 

You will need: 
Begin by wrapping one end of your ribbon around the ruler and knotting it twice. Wrap the ribbon as shown below, pulling the end through to create a knot.  

Repeat until you have at least 13 knots. The more knots, the bigger the bloom.
Try experimenting with different sized rulers to create a variety of sizes.

Here's a video to better show you how its done: 

Use a needle and thread to secure the knots so they stay aligned.

Stitch a piece of the 7/8" Sagebrush Green Ribbon in place as shown. 

Slide the knotted ribbon off the ruler. Place a length of floral wire at one end as shown.
 (twist a small loop at the top of the wire to attach any beads or charms later later.) 
Use a needle and thread to secure your ribbon as you roll it to form your flower. Taper the bottom of the flower, stitching it shut, then wrap with the floral tape.

See how I made the leaves here: 

When you are finished making your ribbon flowers and leaves, arrange them as desired. Then bind the stems together with floral tape before finishing with a strip of the Mauve Voile and a bit of  Rhinestone Trim.

Making the Headband

You will need: 

Simply layer your desired ribbon and trims. Adhere them with the quick drying adhesive.
Attach the to the headband with a needle and thread.

I was only supposed to share with you one or two projects but I couldn't help myself.
I'm absolutely in love with the Rhinestone Trim!
The whole time I was playing with it, I was singing , "Diamonds are a girls best friend."  

To make the diamond bracelets below, follow the same layering technique as above. Then attach some jewelry findings of your choice. Click here for a quick tutorial. 
The Rhinestone hairclips were super simple to make! Just a bit of adhesive and sparkly trim. To keep the adhesive from gluing your hair clips shut, use a bamboo skewer  to prop open the clips until the glue has set. 

See more DIY Wedding inspiration at 
Designer Crafts Connection.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post  for Gwen Studios. 
 I have been provided product in exchange for my creative ideas. 
 The views and opinions are my own. 


DIY Faux Suede Ribbon Bracelets

I had so much fun making these bracelets! Super easy too!
Can you believe they are not real suede?
How awesome is that?
I think they look edgy and cool. Perfect for any outfit, any day. 

Supplies Needed: 

For the black studded bracelet, I wrapped the ribbon 3 times around my wrist before crimping the ribbon clasps to the ends. 

Instead of a jump ring, I added the bit of chain. It adds a bit of class to my rocker- chic bracelet! 
Don't you think?

For the brown and white with gold bracelets, I used the wide ribbon clasp.
This easily creates the effect of a double wrap bracelet. I used the same color ribbon, but you can most definitely mix or match to your liking. Leave a bit of the ribbon exposed (as shown) so you have space to crimp the clasp. Then add your other jewelry findings. 

These would look great with denim or any boho gypsy outfit! 


Like I said, super easy! Which bracelet is your favorite?

These Faux Suede Ribbons are from Gwen Studio's and can be found at Walmart.

For more ribbon craft idea's, 


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