Pretty Glittery Cupcakes!

Today I am featured on the Smoothfoam blog.
You can see how I made these glittery cupcakes here!


Star Wars Charm and ATC Swap Reveal!

  Last year, in December, I hosted a special Star Wars swap to celebrate the new episode being released. It was a 'open' matter of what was to be made....charms, pins, bracelets, pendants and earrings.  I'm really pleased with the creativity of the work everyone did including the ATC's! 

If you are unfamiliar with the term ATC- it means "Artist Trading Cards" Always 2 ½"x 3 ½".
ATC's can be made of paper, fabric, foil, beads...any thing and everything!
Miniature works of art!
See more ATC's here.

Tile pendant bracelet created by: Shawn Price
Acrylic charms created by: Glenda Hart
Pin and Charm created by: Maria Soto
Star Wars logo charm created by: Fawndolyn Valentine
Ewok earrings created by: PJ Waldrop

Glass Pin created by: Charity Feit

Chewbacca created by: Christina Ellis
 These are mine.
I used a combination of Star Wars scrapbook paper and Clone Wars Valentine cards. The cards were leftovers from when Dyllan was in elementary school. I had to buy 2 boxes of 24 ct. to cover a class of 32.  I just kept the extras knowing I'd use them someday. 
I soldered the images front and back between glass squares. Pardon my finished results...it had been a year since I soldered and I could not remember how to add the jump ring! Even after watching a video on you tube, I still had trouble. So I just went with it.
Luckily I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to my art! :)

 The back of the boxes had these images so I used them on the ATC's.
 The valentine cards were really cool. When you moved them slightly the image moved.

 I kept C3-PO for me because I always liked him best, 2nd to R2-D2. 

Feel free to join our Face Book group for more swaps.
We also do Faerie Garden Miniature swaps too!

If you are interested in joining future swaps or being alerted of future swaps...please send me a email.
ATC's are required for all swaps and you must be 18 or over.
International welcome.
See more details on our swaps here.


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