DIY Rainbow Wreath with Gwen Studios

I had so much fun creating this colorful wreath using all my favorite colors from Gwen Studios! 

To make this Rainbow Wreath, you will need the following:

  • GWEN STUDIOS Favor Pack - Rainbow assortment of 3/8' grosgrain ribbon
  • Craft foam wreath (any size)
  • Plastic cauldron
  • Gold coins
  • Cotton batting
  • Plastic canvas
  • Marker
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gold glitter paint 

    • Use the scissors to cut the foam wreath in half. 

      Wrap a piece of ribbon around one end of the wreath  to determine the length you will need for the rest of the colors. For my wreath, each ribbon measured 4 ¾". After you have cut all your ribbon, lay it on the wreath to determine your design. Make sure you have some extra pieces available to fill in any gaps if needed.

      Working with one ribbon at a time, add a thin line of hot glue to the foam wreath and attach the ribbon. Secure the ribbon ends to the back of the wreath. 


      When you get to the end of the foam wreath, use the scissors to cut the end as shown, creating a 'slit '. Push the plastic canvas into the slit and with the marker, draw a cloud shape. Pull the plastic canvas out of the slit, cut the cloud shape with scissors and and re-insert into the slit, securing with hot glue. 

      Drizzle the cloud shape and unwrapped wreath end with hot glue. Then carefully use a craft stick or the end of paint brush to push the batting, covering the cloud. 

      Using some hot glue, fill the cauldron with leftover bits of the plastic canvas and batting. Then adhere the end of the wreath into the the top pf the cauldron. Add a few gold coins, cutting some in half to fit. The gold glitter paint is helpful in concealing hot glue drips and trails, plus it adds the perfect bit of glittery Leprechaun magic, don't you agree?

      Thanks for coming by, I hope you've enjoyed my craft!

      Please visit the Designers Craft Connection for more Gwen Studios Ribbon idea's!


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