Candy Corn Traffic Cone

I was going to wait till October to post favorite Halloween tutorials from various blogs, but I could not resist when I saw this one on Jessica blog!
Please...head on over to Zakka Life for the details!
I'm serious...Go!
And have a good time!
She has plenty of idea's to get your creative juices flowing!


Need your PROMO items for a December Boutique!

Would you like to promote your etsy or other online shop?
We need 20-25 promo items representing your shop with shop info included!

Your items will be put in a goody bag filled will other promo's and given to Boutique shoppers!

The Boutique is on December 12th
Hosted by the Goddesses of Craft,

your promo items need to be in my hands by December 1st, 2009.

If interested, please e-mail me and I'll give you my mailing address.




Introducing Tuck!

Earlier this year we inherited a family pet from Brian's side. A Desert Tortoise, which Dyllan promptly named "Tuck" from Wonder Pets. I've been putting off showing him to you as it's taken time to get his enclosure just right.
The whole right side of our house is his "Turtle walk" which he does many times a day...
His "den" is a old plastic trash bin and he has plenty of space to sun himself.
He comes when I call him by his name or when I make a under the tongue clicking sound like you would for a horse. He will actually follow me around his enclosure!

It does not cost much to feed him. Daily he gets broccoli, endive, escarole, dandelion greens (bought or growing in his yard) add ins - fresh fruit like strawberries, grapes or melons, mustard greens and I always treat him to hibiscus and honeysuckle from the garden.I found a old plastic plant saucer, taped up a hole and placed it under a drip faucet so he can have fresh water for drinking or soaking as you can see here. I'm also thankful we kept Dyllan's old safety gate to enclose him in.

When it's not to hot, it's nice to draw up a chair and just watch him.
When winter comes and he's ready for hibernation, he'll go into a family members garage until spring again.


My Marie Antoinette Project

Sometime last year, ( I think) I started this project with Catherine Moore. Theater des Modes. A collaboration of many talented artists. Have you seen it? No? Well then, you must scroll down to the very bottom of my blog, and be sure to turn on your sound speakers!

In the meantime...I recently re-vamped and added to my theater then submitted it to a popular magazine. I was so sure it would be accepted. But I was not .
As sore as I sound, I still bought the magazine and love all the art and artists, but wish future publications would include a comment card with rejected submissions as to why not. I've submitted so many things with out a clue as to why my stuff was not good enough. And I know I have talent.

Sorry for the steam...the real reason for this post is to get idea's onto what I can do with this cage for Halloween coming up...I was kinda thinking of leaving the front as it is...then having a be-headed Marie all dark and gloomy in the back.

Or no Marie at all and something totally different. I'm open for suggestions!


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