Butterfly Card

I like to create beyond normal paper and glue. I love working with my hands, getting paint under my nails and imagining the impossible.
This is my creation.
Enjoy :)

I started with a 3x3 label die. I use a Big Shot which is compatible with any manufactured die and embossing folders, but sometimes I have to improvise.
To make the die-cut, I used the multipurpose platform with all the flaps closed, die- cutting side up, paper on top and 2 acrylic plates.

Then to emboss the shape, I left the piece in the die. Placed it on the platform with all the tabs closed, a Sizzix impression pad, and (3) 8x11 cardstocks folded in half. - Trust me...this works like a charm!

 I stamped my sentiment onto the die cut and inked the edges for a distressed look.

Then I began work on the card. I wanted something stiff, so I used watercolor paper trimmed to 5½ x 3½.  This I covered with 2 strips of foil tape, then trimmed off the excess.
I ran this through the embossing folder, Work Shop by Couture Creations.

 I drizzled a few patina inks on the embossed card and blended with a makeup sponge. When this was dry, I gently used a sanding block to remove some of the color from the raised design and around the card.

Whenever I create something new that involves an assortment of mediums,  I always make a practice piece...just in case I mess up.
Below on the practice piece I played around with where I could add some red accents.
 What I ended up doing was adding red to the edges with my fingers, followed by some gold to soften it up.
 Now most of my projects start with a base plan and end with something way better than I envisioned. My mind is in constant creating motion. :)

Butterfly's are a favorite of mine and always seem to "flutter" into most of my creations.
I keep a color variety of punched butterfly's in little bags, these are punched from paper scraps and are always ready for last minute inspiration. 
 I ran one of the butterfly's through the Work Shop embossing folder.
Next I added just a touch of gold to the plain butterfly then more color to the other butterfly, highlighting the embossed design.
 A butterfly cannot be a butterfly with out it's faerie antenna! To get the perfect length every time, cut a piece of wire to be double the center width of your  butterfly. Fold in half, pinch at the bottom and loop the ends with jewelry pliers. Glue in place as shown with quick setting adhesive.
 Place another dot of glue onto the wire then add the top butterfly, folding up it's wings. Let set completely. Glue your foil card onto a 6 ¼ x 4½ card stock.  Line the edges of the stamped die with some gold and add to the card with foam tape.
Accent the butterfly with some patina, red color and rhinestones if desired.

Supplies used:
Work Shop Embossing Folder by Couture Creations
Labels by Spellbinders
Boundless Flight cling stamp by Tim Holtz
Black stamping ink
Jade, Moss and Verdigris Patina ink by Ranger
Gold and Lavared Inka Gold
Tombo glue
Foam tape
Foil Tape (plumbing section of any hardware store)
Sanding block
Colored floral wire
Butterfly punchies
Paper trimmer, scissors, jewelry pliers,big shot and accessories.


My 41st Birthday & Valentines Day Week in Photos

 This past week I celebrated my 41st Birthday. It's always the day before Valentines Day.
In the above vintage Kewpi-cupid vase, I have some Birthday flowers.
I only bring him out once a year. Isn't he a cute?
He was a hand me down from my late Mother-in-law.

 Dyllan and I went to a dollar tree store looking for party favors. He was memorized by all the balloons they had, Tons! Next year, you should go there for $1 balloons. Same with greeting cards if you don't make your own. All Hallmark quality for $1 each. The lady in front of us at the check out, bought 30 cards. Maybe for co-workers. Either way...any where else. those cards would have been $5 a piece!

 On the 2nd Monday of every month, I get together with a wonderful group of card making friends.
We always have a themed swap, plus Birthday cards for the people celebrating that month and we take turns hosting a demo.
Here are some of the Birthday cards my friends made for me. 
 The Granny is a riot! Below is the inside of the card. :)

 Here we are at my kitchen table. I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the demo.
It was super fun to make.
 Here are the cards the ladies swapped at tonight's meeting.
I had my husband snap a photos because it's rare that we are all at a meeting. Some travel, or work gets in the way.  Most of the meetings are at my home because I have the table space. Sometimes a few other ladies host, which I appreciate. I really like the friendship and fun!
Here's our group on Meet-up if you are interested in joining.
Mixed Media Arts & Crafting Club
We now do other events beside card making...jewelry, painting, sewing and more!

Here are some cards I received from other crafty friends for my Birthday. 
So creative! Don't you agree?

Some  favorite "Valentines" for Dyllan from his classmates...


Journal 52 - Cover Tutorial

 At the start of this year I joined a free-art-journal-workshop on Face Book called Journal 52.
What I love about the group is that there is no hurry to complete the weekly prompts, you work at your own pace, upload your photos and continue to be inspired by amazing artists!


Couture Creations 2014 Design Team Audition

 One of my favorite ways to put a personal touch on any paper craft or mixed media project is to emboss it. I love using my embossing folders with materials that might normally surprise you at first and delight you in the end. This post is a Design Team Audition for Couture Creations.
I am head over heels in love with their embossing folders and dies.
So here I am showing you  5 of my favorite (embossed or die cut) projects to date.

The above butterfly hair clips were made by covering butterfly die cuts with foil tape.
I then ran them through assorted embossing folders.
I painted them with alcohol inks and accented them with wire, beads and hair clips..
 This SteamPunk Christmas card was created using a Couture Creations embossing folder, washi tape for the trunk, then  accenting with a gold leafing pen and dew drops.

 Here's a fun and whimsical project I made for the garden!
 I die cut flowers from soda cans then ran them through various embossing folders.
Next I painted them with bright nail polish colors before adding a button and wire for support in my garden pots!

 Here is a simple yet elegant card for any occasion. I used a combination of a butterfly die, Celtic thin die and a border punch to help the card come to life.

 Oh the things you can die cut and emboss!
This is shrink plastic cut from steampunk gears die then embossed before heating.
After they "shrunk", I accented them with a gold leafing pen.
Now they are ready for jewelry or anything!

Thanks for coming by.
 I hope you have enjoyed my creations.
Wish me luck! :)


You are Invited to a Charm Swap - "Down the Rabbit Hole"!

Please feel free to post this image on your blog, FB page or share by email!

You are Invited to my 15th Charm Swap!
This one is titled, "Down the Rabbit Hole"

For this swap we will be doing 20 charms +1
The +1 will be sent in for possible a Art Publication.
International is welcome!


Faerie Gardens - Projects I Love

 This months theme for The Designer Crafts Connection group is about projects we love and with Spring soon approaching, I thought I'd share my favorite ongoing project I love...Faerie Gardens.
The tea light is used for a mini fire pit. Some items are found in Faerie Garden shops, while the post with the amber marble came from a antique flea market.The other items can be found in the doll house isle of a hobby shop.

I live in Southern California and while we are not buried in snow like the rest of the states, we have had some pretty weird weather. We had  80*+ heat waves in December and January. Now that we are in February, the temps have dipped and we are praying for rain. The erratic weather has taken a toll on my plants. But this has not stopped me from dreaming of bright bountiful flower filled pots in Spring. The perfect setting for my Faerie Garden collection.

 If you are new to this idea and have wondered where to start, then this post will be perfect for you!
I have been collecting on and off for many years. I have always been delighted by miniature items. Only recently in the last 3-4 have I started putting my collection in pots outdoors, exposing them to the "elements".  And that's a risk to take. I store most items inside when the garden has died back and the elements are harsh. Some items that are too delicate I save for indoor displays.

The sewing collection will be used for a "inside"  table top display made with fake greenery. "My Garden" was made from old blank keys and scrapbook embellishments. Some twisted wire and a button makes up for a pretty flower.

 When you buy the tin decorations, some will be rust colored, some will rust on their own. I try to touch them up with a out door sealer to prolong their life a bit.
If your item does not have a stick already, you will need to glue a long nail or screw onto the bottom.
This will help keep your decorations upright and not sink into the soil when you water.
 The silver piece on top was purchased at a barn sale while we were on vacation. It's a vintage wall scone. I glued the gem on top and envision a Mermaid figurine lounging in front while sea life swims  in a sea of succulents..
The tire was salvaged from a broken toy and will be a tire swing this summer. I'm always on the look out for Faerie doors. The little one with the bird is actually a ornament and the door swings open.
The larger one with matching windows is something I made from paper clay to resin for "indoors".

(top photo) - The lady in white and Kewpie are vintage, the Buddha is jade and has always been in my jewelry box until I realized he is the perfect size for a mini garden. I'm thinking of a bonsai / little koi pond garden for him. The gnomes were purchased recently. (bottom photo) These happy dwarfs were found at a antique flea market. I'm on the look out for a mini Snow White to make a fairy tale garden complete with a gem mine!
 I just love going to vintage flea markets and even garage sales, always on the look out for anything that will work for my Faerie Gardens.

 Sometimes I find treasures online. The tea pots and crowns are actually jewelry charms. The tea pot looks lovely on a mini table.

 The little glass mirrors make nice ponds. The geese I believe were game pieces, but I don't care.  The rooster and chick are vintage cupcake picks. The hedge hogs in a pot are my favorite, but will need to be touched up with paint before this spring. The horses are mere toys, but small enough for a little corral, don't you think? Before any of the really little animals go into the pots, I'll add a screw or little stick to them. I can't wait to have some fun with the bunnies at Easter time!

 As you can see, most anything can be used for miniature gardens. The ceramic pieces are vintage. Sometimes I fill the tub with decorative blue glass bits. Other times with a little soil and a bit of baby tears.

 The wee little cottage was purchased from a garage sale for .50
The fence and gates can be found in garden shops and even in the craft stores.

This is my collection of Flower Faeries. They come with sticks to help keep them steady or sometimes I sit them in the branches. I'll add some glitter to their wings and touch up their paint as needed since they do fade in the sun quickly. They are so darling!
 If you are not sure where to begin, start minimally. just a bench to rest your thoughts.

Add a "Prince" to help you decide :)

 I'll add some Irish moss to this pot later and make a small ranch for my horses.

 Here one of my faeries is catching "apples"! This type of bush is a favorite among people who love miniatures because it looks like a real apple tree. Its called Cotoneaster m. thymifolius.

I hope you will come back in the Spring to see the real Magic!
If you would like to participate in a Faerie Garden swap, Details can be found here and feel free to join my Face book group, Charms and Faerie Garden Miniatures!

Local places I have found "miniatures".
M & M Nursery. The original Faerie Garden Nursery! - Tustin, CA
Green Thumb Nursery in Lake Forest, CA
Plant Depot, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Dragonfly Shops and Gardens, Old Town orange, CA

See one of my past post here..."How to make a Faerie Garden".
Also, please visit my friend, Jaime's-  Faerie Gardens for some other idea's!


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