February 22, 2014

Butterfly Card

I like to create beyond normal paper and glue. I love working with my hands, getting paint under my nails and imagining the impossible.
This is my creation.
Enjoy :)

I started with a 3x3 label die. I use a Big Shot which is compatible with any manufactured die and embossing folders, but sometimes I have to improvise.
To make the die-cut, I used the multipurpose platform with all the flaps closed, die- cutting side up, paper on top and 2 acrylic plates.

Then to emboss the shape, I left the piece in the die. Placed it on the platform with all the tabs closed, a Sizzix impression pad, and (3) 8x11 cardstocks folded in half. - Trust me...this works like a charm!

 I stamped my sentiment onto the die cut and inked the edges for a distressed look.

Then I began work on the card. I wanted something stiff, so I used watercolor paper trimmed to 5½ x 3½.  This I covered with 2 strips of foil tape, then trimmed off the excess.
I ran this through the embossing folder, Work Shop by Couture Creations.

 I drizzled a few patina inks on the embossed card and blended with a makeup sponge. When this was dry, I gently used a sanding block to remove some of the color from the raised design and around the card.

Whenever I create something new that involves an assortment of mediums,  I always make a practice piece...just in case I mess up.
Below on the practice piece I played around with where I could add some red accents.
 What I ended up doing was adding red to the edges with my fingers, followed by some gold to soften it up.
 Now most of my projects start with a base plan and end with something way better than I envisioned. My mind is in constant creating motion. :)

Butterfly's are a favorite of mine and always seem to "flutter" into most of my creations.
I keep a color variety of punched butterfly's in little bags, these are punched from paper scraps and are always ready for last minute inspiration. 
 I ran one of the butterfly's through the Work Shop embossing folder.
Next I added just a touch of gold to the plain butterfly then more color to the other butterfly, highlighting the embossed design.
 A butterfly cannot be a butterfly with out it's faerie antenna! To get the perfect length every time, cut a piece of wire to be double the center width of your  butterfly. Fold in half, pinch at the bottom and loop the ends with jewelry pliers. Glue in place as shown with quick setting adhesive.
 Place another dot of glue onto the wire then add the top butterfly, folding up it's wings. Let set completely. Glue your foil card onto a 6 ¼ x 4½ card stock.  Line the edges of the stamped die with some gold and add to the card with foam tape.
Accent the butterfly with some patina, red color and rhinestones if desired.

Supplies used:
Work Shop Embossing Folder by Couture Creations
Labels by Spellbinders
Boundless Flight cling stamp by Tim Holtz
Black stamping ink
Jade, Moss and Verdigris Patina ink by Ranger
Gold and Lavared Inka Gold
Tombo glue
Foam tape
Foil Tape (plumbing section of any hardware store)
Sanding block
Colored floral wire
Butterfly punchies
Paper trimmer, scissors, jewelry pliers,big shot and accessories.


  1. I always enjoy all the texture and layers you add to your art. It looks great!

  2. Wonderful! Love the butterfly and the tip for making the antennae. Good luck to you.

  3. Always enjoy your projects. Thank you for another great one.


  4. Good luck - beautiful work!
    love, mom

  5. Beautiful! Always inspiring and creative. -Susie

  6. Just beautiful, Michelle! Good luck!

  7. Very beautiful, Michelle! Good luck! -Genny


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