How to make a Sugar Skull - Day of the Dead Wreath!

 Its no surprise to anyone that I love all things to do with Mexican folklore,
especially Day of the Dead! 
I love the vibrant colors, rich history and stories!
I grew up eating the foods and visiting the museums.
In honor of Día de Muertos  I am showing you how to make a easy, new sew wreath with a little help from Fairfield World , the makers of  Olyfun!

To make this wreath, you will need the following:
  1. Assorted Olyfun colors.
  2. Felt strips.
  3. 12" Wire wreath.
  4. Gloves
  5. 22 Gauge wire
  6. Jewelry pliers
  7. Fringe, pinking and regular scissors.
  8. 1 " Halloween skulls
  9. White spray paint
  10. Fine and standard tip-colored permanent markers.
  11. Embellishments and adhesive.

  •  Trim your Olyfun to 3"x12". Plan on making 10 flowers each of at least 6 colors. 
  • Cut a fringe half way into each strip.
  • Roll up the fringed strip, then leave a 4" tail of the wire and wrap tightly around as shown. Let out about 4" of wire and keep wrapping. Repeating as you go.

  •  Trim the wire so each flower has the 4" tail. Twist the ends.

  • Keep going until you have wrapped all the colors.

  •  Starting with the darkest color, push the flower into the wreath and wrap the wire in and out of the frame until secure. Use the gloves to keep the wire ends from scratching you.
  •  Stagger the colors at first, then group them as a collection. Fill in empty spaces with extra flowers.
  • Don't worry if your wire is exposed.

  • When you are done adding all the flowers, make up some filler with 5" strips of colorful felt.
  • Fold in half and twist with about 4" of wire.
  • Work these into the wreath.
  • Use your pinking shears to trim plenty of ½" x 5" black strips of Olyfun. Tie these anywhere there is a open space or wire is exposed.
  •  Spray paint the skulls white.
  • When dry and the paint is not tacky, color the skulls with your markers. 
  • Then add glitter and tiny rhinestones.
  •  Find inspiration to color your sugar skulls online or here.

  •  Attach sugar skulls to your wreath with wire or a hot glue gun.

  •  Add a loop of wire onto the back of your wreath and hang for all to enjoy!

Please visit the rest of the designers for more Olyfun inspiration here!


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